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How to import WMV to Premiere Pro(CC, CS6, CS5, CS4)

Can you import WMV to Premiere Pro smoothly?

Premiere Pro is a professional video editing tool from Adobe which allows user to  apply effects to a specific clip, separate recorded audio tracks, create a new unified media clip, etc. Even these editing features are so wonderful, import files to Premiere Pro is the first step, this step can't do well, other multiple editing functions are no use. For example, import MKV to Premiere Pro, MOV to Premiere Pro, M4V to Premiere Pro etc. However there is a little trouble when user import WMV to Premiere Pro. Even import the  standard WMV file using WMV2/WMA2 internal codecs and it will not import into Premiere Pro, such as: Premiere Pro CS5, WMV is Premiere Pro supported video format, Why can't import WMV to Premiere Pro? Following will introduce the reasons and solutions for you.

Why can't WMV to Premiere Pro successfully?

Reason 1. When you enter the Premiere Pro official website and check the Premiere Pro series supported video format, you can get the following message: Premiere Pro only can import and export WMV on Windows operating, in another, the Mac user can't import WMV to Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro Series Video format Note
Premiere Pro CS4 WMV Windows Media (.wma, .wmv) Import and Export Windows only
Premiere Pro CS5 WMV WMV Windows Media, Windows only
Premiere Pro CS6 WMV WMV Windows Media, Windows only
Premiere Pro CC WMV WMV Windows Media, Windows only

Reason 2. As Windows user, fail to import WMV to Premiere Pro, why? The only reason is the video and codec incompatibility issue, because WMV is a container, which is developed by Microsoft and can hold different video and audio codec, such as: WMV container with video: wmv1 and audio wmav1, or WMV container with video: wmv3 and audio wmav2, etc.Various video and audio codec match will cause the codec incompatibility issue.

How to import WMV to Premiere Pro?

Solution 1. According to most users's experience, even though Adobe Premiere Pro (Premiere Pro CC included) does not natively support WMV import on the Mac. When you try to import WMV to Premiere Pro on Mac OS X, A message will constantly warn you: suggest to download and install Flip4Mac which advanced features only in Pro version, so you can have a try.

Solution 2. Flip4Mac is not a long term, when users still can't import WMV to Premiere Pro on Mac by Flip4Mac, how to do? Or users even fail to import WMV to Premiere Pro on Windows, how to do that? This is not the simple video format support issue, it's more complicated: WMV video and codec incompatibility issue. The best way is to use a third video converter which can convert WMV to Premiere Pro most supported video format, like: MP4, MPEG-2, etc. I recommend Pavtube Video Converter for Mac for you, which can solve the difficult problem.

This Premiere Pro video converter can support Premiere Pro supported video formats input and output, such as: import MOV, MP4, M2TS,WMV, H.264, H.265 to Premiere Pro, etc. You can also install this video converter to the Windows operating system for Premiere Pro Windows user. This Premiere Pro video converter can edit the video and audio codec at the setting menu, when you can't import the WMV to Windows Premiere Pro successfully because of the video or audio codec incompatibility issue, you can import WMV to the video converter and convert it to Premiere Pro supported format.

In addition, the Premiere Pro video converter allows you to do the basic video editing in it: Trim video length, crop video size, split large video into segments, add watermarks, add subtitles in video, adjust video effect, etc. More information is here and for your reference.

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Ultimate solution for importing WMV to Premiere Pro

Step 1. Load WMV to Premiere Pro Video Converter

Every WMV files issue, you can use this video converter to help you, just open the video converter by double click, the at the top of the software, you can click the "Format" to input WMV to Premiere Pro Video Converter. At the right window, you can preview the WMV video smoothly.

load file

Step 2-1. Choose WMV to Premiere Pro supported formats(Windows/Mac)

After you can input the WMV to Premiere Pro Video Converter well, For Premiere Pro Mac user, the best way is to convert WMV to Premirere Pro more acceptable video format. Click "Format", at the drop-down list, 250+ video formats are waiting for you, for example: MPEG-2 which is supported by Premiere Pro well, this software have preinstalled the Premiere Pro best supported for you, click"Adobe Premiere" and choose MPEG-2 as the output.

you can also choose "HD Video" and convert WMV to MPEG-2 HD Video, best choice is H.264 HD video, because this Premiere Pro Video Converter can speed up the conversion. 3D Video is here too. Following is the Mac operating interface, as Premiere Pro Windows user, these steps and buttons location are same to Mac.

Premiere best format mpeg-2

Step 2-2. Adjust the WMV to Premiere Pro suppoeted V/A codec(Windows user)

To Premiere Pro Windows user, the WMV is supported by Premiere Pro, you can also choose to adjust WMV video and audio codec to Pro supported V/A codec. Click the "Setting" and enter the setting menu, At this window, you can edit the WMV to Premiere Pro supported video codec and audio codec. Of course, Mac user also can enter the setting menu to set the video and audio related parameters, like: Video and Audio codec, video frames, audio channel,


Step 3. Start to convert WMV to Premiere Pro best format process

Whatever the Windows user or the Mac user, this final steps are the same, after the output video format and setting are done, come back to the main interface, click "Convert" to start the amazing video conversion. Conversion time is within a song, you can get new different WMV which content is 100% original WMV content, just video format is different.

Are you searching the best way to solve the problem that import WMV to Premiere Pro? Have you found the long term to solve this issue? This best Premiere Pro video convert is your dream solutions, which will be your best video assistant. About how to import WMV video to Premiere and export WMV from Premiere Pro, the link article will tell you in detail.

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