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How to import MOV to Premiere Pro(CC, CS6, CS5, CS4)

Can you import MOV to Premiere Pro successfully?

At pesent, more and more people like to edit video in some professional video editing tools which is so fun. Adobe Premiere Pro is a worldwide and impressive video editing software tool. User can import many video formats into it, this video editing tool can work with a huge number of video formats, like: MOV, H.264, MP4, M2TS, etc. Premiere Pro is with many effects, many video and audio tracks available and options which can satisfy your all video editing need. The operating interface is a little complicated which is nor to suitable to the beginners.


However, even though the Premiere Pro is so perfect, there are some video problems, from forum feedback, most users are confused about the MOV to Premiere Pro, MOV is the Premiere Pro native support format, why can't import MOV to Premiere Pro? There are some reasons can cause the problem, following will provides you some solutions to you, hope to help you.

Solutions for editing MOV in Premiere Pro smoothly

Solution 1. You can user another MOV files and try to import to Premiere Pro again, if you import another MOV to Premiere Pro successfully, you can know your MOV is damaged which may miss some files, you may delete something in MOV. You can search online video repair tool to repair MOV, here you can also refer to solution 3.

Solution 2. If your MOV is 4K MOV which is high resolution, for example: You get the 4K MOV from DJI which resolution is too high, you can reduce the video resolution by a third video software which can edit the video resolution to Premiere Pro supported MOV video resolution. You can refer to solution 3 too.

Solution 3. Get the "File Format not supported" error message? About the MOV files, you can get them from different sources, such as from online video, or from different Nikon/Canon cameras which you take, MOV files have different codec inside. If MOV files video or audio formats are not accepted by Adobe Premiere Pro, It is the video or audio codec incompatibility issue.

Actually, it's not a big deal, you just need a Premiere Pro video converter which can edit the video or audio formats to Premiere Pro supported. I highly recommend you Pavtube Video Converter for Mac which can support Premiere Pro suported video formats inport and output, such as: MOV, MP4, M2TS,WMV, H.264, H.265, etc. You can also install this video converter to the Windows operating system. This software can edit the video and audio codec at the setting menu, when you can't import the MOV to Premiere Pro successfully because of the video or audio codec incompatibility issue, you can import MOV to the video converter and convert it to Premiere Pro supported format.

Another feature is that you can edit the video resolution when your MOV resolution is too high which is over the Premiere Pro suppoerted highest video resolution, you can reduce the video resolution by manual or selet the preinstalled video resolution. If your MOV is a little damaged, this software can repair the MOV when you input MOV to it, this tme is so quick. If you think the MOV is too complicated, you can also convert MOV to Premiere Pro other supported video formats: MP4, WMV, etc.

Even though the video converter can't have the powerful video editing functions like Premiere Pro, the basic video editing you can realize in it: Trim video length, crop video size, split large video into segments, add watermarks, adjust video effect, etc. This article will tell you more information about this excellent Premiere Pro Video Converter

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Ultimate solution for importing and editing MOV in Premiere Pro

Step 1. Load MOV to Premiere Pro Video Converter

Every MOV files issue, you can use this video converter to help you, just open the video converter by double click, the at the top of the software, you can click the "Format" to input MOV to Premiere Pro Video Converter. At the right window, you can preview the MOV video smoothly.

load file

Step 2. Edit the MOV in Premiere Pro suppoeted formats

After you can input the MOV to Premiere Pro Video Converter well, you can click the "Setting" and enter the setting menu, At this window, you can edit the MOV to Premiere Pro supported video codec: MP4 and edit the MOV to Premiere Pro supported audio codec: MOV.

Also you can change the video resolution at the Size option, if the preinstalled resolution is you want, you can choose directly, if you can't find, you can set the video resolution by manual.


TIP: If you want to get the better video files, you can click the "Format" and go to the video list, you can choose any video formats that Premiere Pro can support. Then you can go back to the setting menu and set video and audio parameters.

Step 3. Start to convert MOV to Premiere Pro best format process

After all the setting is done, you need to go back the main interface and choose"Browse" to save the output MOV format. then Click "Convert" to start to convert MOV to Premiere Pro best format process. This Premiere Pro Video Converter is with high stability and speed, you can do the MOV batch operation which can save more time, you can do other things.

In addition, when you go outside or do other more important thing, you can let the software alone, just need to check the"Shut down Computer after conversion", then the conversion is done, the computer will shut down automatically. A nice design.

How to import and export MOV from Premiere Pro

After the video conversion, you can start to import the video to Premiere Pro for editing. after the perfect MOV editing is done, you can export MOV from Premiere Pro. In general a great task will be completed.

Quick Guide: Import MOV to Premiere Pro

Open the Premiere Pro, then choose File > Import. If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, press Command+I to open the standard Import dialog.

import video to premiere

Quick Guide: Export MOV from Premiere Pro

Go to File>Export>Media. You could also press the shortcut key "control M" on PC, or "command M" on Mac. 

premiere export

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