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How to import VOB to Premiere Pro (CC, CS6, CS5, CS4)

Are you trying to edit VOB files in Premiere Pro?

As a fan of video editing, Premiere Pro is a wonderful video editing toll that is worth having. This video editing tool can support multiple video formats, such as: AVCHD (.m2ts, .mts) from camera, AVI, MP4, etc. Except import common video to Premiere Pro for editing, DVD movies are also a good choice, What will happen when editor contacts VOB to Premiere Pro? From different forums, Quora websites, user seem to have some problems on importing VOB to Premiere Pro or editing VOB in Premiere Pro. Though collecting issues on editing or importing VOB to Premiere Pro, and arranging some effective solutions, this article will provide you the best comprehensive solutions and help you to load VOB to Premiere Pro and edit the video smoothly.

What affect your process on importing VOB to Premiere Pro?

Question 1.Why can't import VOB to Premiere Pro?

Answer: Until Premiere Pro CS4.1 is updated, VOB file support was added in CS4 with the 4.1, If the Premiere Pro version is lower than CS4.1, user can't load VOB to Premiere Pro. However non-standard VOB files remain problematic, sometimes, user still fail to import VOB to Premiere Pro.

Question 2. User can be able to import the VOB files well, when changing to an MPEG.  However, you may have audio issues.  Either the audio will lag, or it will cut off and even sometimes you have levels but can't hear anything.

Answer A: Muxed (Multiplexed-both Audio & Video in one file) files, which the MPEG-2 in the VOB will be, often has OOS (Out Of Sync) issues. For addressing OOS issues, this article might be useful.

Answer B: If one has PrPro through CS3, the trick to get DD AC3 into it will be to locate the AC3 .dll in Adobe Encore, and Copy that from the Encore root folder to the PrPro root folder. The name changes by version of Encore, so look for one with "AC3" in it. With Pro CS4, that trick no longer worked, and still did not with CS4.1, but the necessary .dll was added with CS4.2. So if you have CS4, or CS4.1, update to CS4.2. CS5 offers native DD AC3 support, as did CS4.2.

Answer C: Probably the best cure is to rip the muxed audio and video stream with a program like Premiere Pro Video Converter, then convert VOB to WAV, MP4 or other file into the to Premiere Pro and replace the MPEG audio and video stream audacity.

Best Way to import VOB to Premiere Pro?

Go back to the basics knowledge. A .VOB file is a "Video Object File." it can contain quite a bit of stuff. Some of this is beyond just the Audio & Video contained in the usually present MPEG-2 file, which is hidden inside the VOB. This VOB can contain subtitles, Menus, and ROM content, to name but a few. With simple VOB's, Some users can often play VOB, if they are just renamed to .MPEG, though not always.

While others struggle mightily. What's the deal? Why can't just import VOB to Premiere Pro and and edit happily away? In the case, Pavtube Video Converter for Mac works, any Premiere Pro program can handle VOB file easily. Also you can enter the video converter setting menu and adjust the VOB video and audio codec to Premiere Probest supported formats.

Editing a VOB can be a tricky, as it can contain all those different things. Converting the MPEG-2 file from the VOB is usually the best approach. This best Premiere Pro video converter can convert VOB files to any Premiere Pro supported formats, such as: MP4, MPEG-2, AVI, FLV, etc. In addition, any other video problems, this software can solve.

One important of instruction: Before user imports the VOB(s) to Premiere Pro, they should definitely copy the VOB's to a local HD instead of importing directly from the DVD. Because it is a very slow way to load and edit VOB in Premiere Pro. Remux VOB files is a good choice, this Premiere Pro video converter can remux VOB to AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV and other formats that Premiere Pro supports. You don't worry about the computer break down or the Premiere Pro interrupt suddenly when you are importing VOB to Premiere Pro or editing VOB in Premiere Pro.

What's more, even though the video converter can't have the professional video editing functions like Premiere Pro, the basic video editing you can realize in it: Trim video length, crop video size, split large video into segments, add watermarks, adjust video effect, etc. This article will tell you more information about this excellent Premiere Pro Video Converter.

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How to Use the Premiere Pro Video Converter to import VOB to Premiere Pro?

Step 1. Load VOB to Premiere Pro Video Converter

Every VOB files issue, you can use this video converter to help you, just open the video converter by double click, the at the top of the software, you can click the "Format" to input VOB to Premiere Pro Video Converter. At the right window, you can preview the VOB video smoothly.

load file

Step 2. Choose VOB to Premiere Pro supported format: MPEG-2

After you can input the VOB to Premiere Pro Video Converter well, For Premiere Pro user, the best way is to convert VOB to Premiere Pro more acceptable video format. Click "Format", at the drop-down list, 250+ video formats are waiting for you, for example: MPEG-2 which is supported by Premiere Pro well, this software have preinstalled the Premiere Pro best supported for you, click"Adobe Premiere" and choose MPEG-2 as the output.

Premiere best format mpeg-2

TIP: To Premiere Pro CC user, the VOB is supported by Premiere Pro, you can also choose to adjust VOB files video and audio codec to Pro supported V/A codec. Click the "Setting" and enter the setting menu, At this window, you can edit the VOB to Premiere Pro supported video codec and audio codec. in addition you can set the video frames, audio channel, etc.


Step 3. Start to convert VOB to Premiere Pro format process

Whatever the Windows user or the Mac user, this steps are quite important, after the output video format setting is done, go back to tye main interface, click "Convert" to start the amaing video conversion. Conversion time is within a song, you can get new different WMV which content is 100% original WMV content, just video format is different.

After VOB conversion is finished, you can edit the video on Premiere Pro at will. Actually, this software can solve any video issues when user fail to import video to Premiere Pro, easy installation, friendly interface, powerful video editing function, multiple output video formats are worthy having. About how to import VOB to Premiere and export VOB from Premiere Pro, the link article will tell you in detail.

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