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The .TOD file format was created by JVC, to be used by their high-definition camcorders, namely JVC Everio GZ-HD3, GZ-HD5, GZ-HD6, GZ-HD7, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40 etc. Although the .TOD format is an MPEG formatted video file, most media players would refuse to play it even if the extension is changed from .TOD to .MPG. Pavtube TOD Converter is released to make it easier for JVC camcorder users to play and edit .tod footages easier by converting .tod file into various video and audio formats. TPD files generated by Cyberlink Power Director can be imported to the converter and transcoded to other video formats for playback on PC and portable players as well. The following guide tells you how to use Pavtube TOD Converter. You may click here to download free trial and have a try.


Step 1. Import .TOD files.
Install and run Pavtube TOD Converter. Click on “Add” and browse to source video clips and click “OK” to import videos from your hard drive. The converter will load selected files to file list. Double click on the file if you would like to preview it. You could also take snapshots when preview the video.


Step 2. Edit selected videos.
Check the file you want to edit, and click on “Edit” menu. Here you can cut off unwanted edges, determine the aspect ratio of output video, crop the movie to any length, add personalized watermark to the video, replace the original audio with whatever you like, adjust the volume, etc. For the interlaced TOD files recorded with JVC Everio, you could check “Deinterlacing” box under “Effect” tab to cast off fuzzy motion.


Tip 1: There is a box of Merge into one below the preview window, check the box if you want to combine multiple video clips together into one file.


Step 3. Set output format and destination.
Click on the format bar and there are various output formats to choose: common video, audio, HD video, Flash video etc. There are also customized formats for portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Blackberry, Nokia, Zune, Creative Zen, Archos and video game consoles like PS3 and Xbox360. If you would like to convert TOD footages for edit in non-linear video editing software, please move your cursor down and you could find “Adobe Premiere/ Sony Vegas” formats group in which WMV (VC-1), MOV (AVC) and MPEG2 are available, or simply select an acceptable format from “DV” group since DV codec is compatible with most video editing software. To maintain best video effect, you could select HD video and customize output audio and video parameter via clicking “Settings” button. Do not forget to click “OK” after complete setting.

Step 4. Start ripping.
Simply click on “Convert” button to start ripping. You can view the progress information and cancel it halfway. Wait till the progress completes and you can playback, and edit the videos freely.


Tip 2: MOD files can be imported to Pavtube TOD Converter and converted. Simply rename the file and change the extension from .mod to .tod.