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  • How to use Pavtube Blu-ray Copy

Pavtube Blu-ray Copy offers you 1:1 copy of Blu-ray and DVD movie with lossless quality and complete data. By removing the protections, it enables you to enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies more freely. All contents in the source disc, including menu and subtitles, will be copied to target disc, folder and ISO file. The tool is very easy to use, a few clicks will be enough to complete copy operation. The following guide tells you how to copy Blu-ray movie from disc to disc with Pavtube Blu-ray Copy.


Step 1. Get prepared for copying
You can get access to free trial of Pavtube Blu-ray Copy from here and copy three discs for free with it. We promise that it is completely clean and safe software, with no ads, spy, or plug-ins. Install Pavtube Blu-ray Copy, and launch the application. Essential items: source disc (it can be Blu-ray disc of any type), target disc (it must be writable blank Blu-ray disc of enough capacity), BD burner. BD-ROM is an optional addition, as you will not be asked for a disc change during copying with it.


Step 2. Work out Options
Temporary Work space is required for burning discs. By default, Pavtube Blu-ray copy will create a temporary folder named Bluraycopy_temp under the disk with maximum free space as Work Space and delete the folder after copy completed. Click on the "Options" button  and you can set the location of temporary folder. Blu-ray copy is time-consuming and we advise you to check auto shutdown box.



Step 3. Complete copy settings with three clicks
Have your source Blu-ray disc inserted in BD writer/ ROM, then click the " Source" drop-down list, select the drive, and click "OK" to load the movie. If your source disc is in an external Blu-ray recorder, make sure the recorder is on and hooked up to your PC.



Click "Target" bar and select the writer from drop-down list. The capacity of target disc should be more than or at least equal with the source disc. A popup window will remind you to change a target disc in case that the disc inserted has not enough space to save source files.



When everything is ready, click the “Start” button to start copying Blu-ray and DVD movie to target disc or location. Wait till the copying process ends up and you will get a flawless copy of source Blu-ray disc. As mentioned above, copying Blu-ray disc is quite time-consuming, please be patient.


Note: When you copy Blu-ray movie simply with the BD writer, the program will remind you to replace the source disc with target disc when complete copying the source to temporary folder (50% completed). Do not quit once the progress bar shows 50% has completed, since this will hurt both your target disc and BD writer.