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Stream DirecTV DVR shows to PC and smartphones – Capture and Convert DIRECTV video

Like other digital video recorders, the DirecTV DVR records and stores television footage so that it can be viewed later. If you would like to keep a recording from a DirecTV DVR, you can either leave it on the DVR, which may prove a problem since DVRs have limited space, or you can also enjoy DIRECTV recordings on computer with a few more steps.

Watch DIRECTV DVR videos on PC

Recently I've been looking at linking a DirecTV digital video recorder (DVR) to my home network so that my family can watch some satellite television programs from our home computers. Part of the DirecTV networking solution is DIRECTV2PC - a free software application that you install on a PC to play back the video stream.

TV to PC

DirecTV actually provides you two downloads to help with setting up a PC for TV viewing. The DirecTV2PC Playback Advisor is a small utility that tests a PC's processing speed, graphics, memory, and network. Run this first to ensure the computer hardware can support video streaming. Then install DIRECTV2PC itself. This application assumes you already have your DVR connected to your home network. When you run the application, it automatically finds the DVR over the LAN and starts a video session.


Capture DIRECTV DVR video

Before you can extract video from a DirecTV DVR, you must make a connection between the DVR and the computer that you want to use to capture the footage. A couple of different devices can be used to make this connection. The first device, a digital video capture device, is created for the sole purpose of connecting a video source to a computer and converting the video feed. The second device that can be used to connect a DirecTV DVR to a computer is any digital video camera that has a video pass-through setting. The camera can be connected to both the DVR and the computer using cords provided with the camera.

A number of video-editing programs have the tools to capture video from a DVR pass-through or a capture device. Programs native to both Windows and Mac systems, Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, respectively, have capturing wizards, as do more advanced editing systems, such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro. When you capture video from a DirecTV DVR, the video captures into a format that is native to the program in which you are capturing. Windows Movie Maker, for instance, captures in both WMV, or Windows Media Video, and AVI, Audio Video Interleave, formats. iMovie, on the other hand, captures mainly in MOV, Apple's native QuickTime file format.


Convert DIRECTV2PC VIDEO to free MP4, AVI, WMV videos

The Pavtube Video Converter is able to handle TiVo and lots of DVR shows. With this app you can easily convert DirecTV DVR video into MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG and any other video format you like. The software can also trim out commercials from you TV series and compress videos for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and various smartphones. Comparing with other free tools, it converts TiVo 3 to 5 times faster with GPU acceleration inlaid.

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