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How to transcode VOB files to watch them on Amazon Kindle Fire HD?

When it comes to basic tablet functions like email, web browsing, calendar, and multitasking, the Kindle Fire HD is way behind other Android tablets and the Apple iPad. The Kindle Fire HD either doesn't do those things very well or doesn't have them at all. It seems good for nothing but watching movies, reading books/magazines, or playing games. Actually, the Kindle Fire HD is really good at those things. If that's all you want to do, then you're getting a great value out of big-screen model.

If you have any problems when enjoying videos on Kindle Fire HD 7"/8.9", pls refer to

Know Your Kindle - Apps, Tools, Tutorials for Viewing Movies on Kindle Fire HD

As for watching movies, the Kindle Fire HD only supports video files in MP4, 3GP, and VP8 (.webm) format. If you would like to view movies that are not in these file types, you need to convert them before transferring them to your Kindle Fire for displaying. That’s why we always see people have the needs to render AVI to MP4, or convert MKV to MP4 for playing with Kindle Fire HD 7-inch or 8.9-inch. In this article, we demonstrate how to transcode VOB files to watch them on Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

What you need?
Pavtube Video Converter - it works well as a VOB to Kindle Fire HD Converter, and features advanced image and audio handling ability to create videos for playback on Kindle Fire HD beautifully without any audio and video out of sync issues.


1. The free trial version is provided for you to see if it would be able to convert your VOB videos to a format that is best suited for Kindle Fire HD playback.
2. The trial version will create videos with PAVTUBE logo standing in the center of the output image. To bypass the watermark, you should purchase its full version.

How to transcode VOB files to Kindle Fire HD 7-inch or 8.9-inch?

1. Import source media 
Run Pavtube Video Converter and import VOB files that you want to convert into the program. You can click “Add video” to load separate .vob clips one by one; you can also click “Add from folder” to load from a folder that contains your source VOB files.

2. Choose output format for Kindle Fire HD
To select a format that best suited for viewing on Kindle Fire HD, please follow:
Format menu > Android > Amazon Kindle Fire HD H.264 (*.mp4)


3. Set advanced settings (optional)
The default settings of Amazon Kindle Fire HD H.264 (*.mp4) profile:
Codec: h264,
Resolution: 1280*800,
Video Bitrate: 1500 kbps,
Frame Rate: Original
Codec: aac
Sample Rate: 44100 hz,
Audio bit rate: 128000 bps
Audio Channels: Stereo

In general, you can expect a well playback performance by using the default settings. If you have higher expectations on the final output files, you can click “Settings” button and go to “Profile Settings” window to adjust audio and video parameters.

If you would like to generate 1080p files for Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch, you can change the video size to 1920*1080; if you prefer to get 720p videos for Kindle Fire HD 7”, you can reset the video resolution to 1280*720. Plus, you can also adjust the video bit rate higher than 1500 kbps to acquire much sharper image quality. Keep in mind that the higher quality, the larger file size.

4. Start encoding VOB movie to Kindle Fire HD preferred MP4 format
When the above mentioned steps finished, you can click “Convert” button to start rewrapping VOB files to H.264 MP4 for Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Once the conversion completes, you can click “Open” button to get the generated MP4 files for transferring to Kindle Fire HD for playback on the go.

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