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Transcode Canon 5D Mark III MOV to iMovie AIC for Editing

Canon's EOS 5D Mark III is a hot item in the camera world. It's the successor to the vaunted 5D Mark II, which ignited the video SLR revolution, but with better autofocus, shooting speed, and low-light performance. Canon 5D3 is one of the hottest DSLR this year, it's the main competitor to Nikon D800, 5D3 not only gives us high quality images, but also give us vivid full HD videos. But how to import 5D III H.264 MOV to iMovie without any error message pop up will be a priority to discuss.

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However, when you want to import 5D Mark III MOV files to iMovie for editing on Mac, you will encounter many problems. As we know, 5D Mark III recorded videos in MOV format encoded by H.264, which is a highly compressed codec that is better for transferring files than editing in iMovie. The best video format for iMovie is Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) MOV format, so if you want to edit 5D3 MOV video in iMovie smoothly, you'd better convert 5D3 MOV to AIC MOV for iMovie, which could be the best video format there.

As the final solution, Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac just stands out as the best choice. Not only for its powerful acceptance ability of almost all the video formats, but also for the multiple presets for you to choose so that the conversion itself can be a easy and efficient way. You can install this app even on Yosemite without any hassle. And of course, the HD quality is well noticable which you can barely tell the differences between the origianl videos and the converted ones.


Detailed workflow about transcoding Canon 5D Mark III H.264 MOV to iMovie AIC for Editing

Step1. Download and install Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac

Tthis software can help you convert 5D Mark III MOV to AIC for iMovie, more output formats are also supported, such as AVI/WMV/ProRes. Import 5D3 recorded videos to this best AIC Converter for iMovie.

After successfully installing this converter, click the "File">"Add Video/Audio"to load your 5D III H.264 MOV files, which you can highlight them for a preview.


Step 2. Click and choose the AIC as the output format for loading 5D III H.264 MOV to iMovie smoothly

For editing 5D3 MOV video in iMovie, you are recommended to choose "iMovie and Final Cut Express">" Apple InterMediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov)", it's the best format for iMovie and FCE. For newbie, you can just count on this preset which will generat the most proper vidoes for importing H.264 MOV to iMovie.



You can click Settings button to adjust output parameters as you want, such as resolution, bitrate, frame rate, etc to set the video and audio parameters as you like. "Edit" function is useful and convenient; you can do easy editing to the 5D3 MOV video.

Finally, go back to the main interface to hit the "Convert" icon to get the work started. Canon 5D Mark III MOV to AIC iMovie converter will help you convert footages to Apple InterMediate Codec MOV format easily, and then you can import and edit 5D3 video in iMovie smoothly without rendering.

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