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Repack Canon XA25 AVCHD to AIC MOV: the best supported format for iMovie and FCE

“I have a Canon XA25 camcorder, and it was just purchased. The XA25 output either AVCHD or H.264/AVC MP4. Unfortunately, I can’t import AVCHD shootings on the XA25 into iMovie on My Mac BookPro. It reads them as incompatible file. I followed all directions, using their CD loaded software, but failed. Any ideas on this? I use iMovie 11, Mac OS X (10.7.3).”
canon xa25
I‘ve checked from the web that theoretically, iMovie 11 supports both of these two format footages (AVCHD and H.264/AVC MP4). However, if you find it doesn't work and you don't want to bother so much about the further setting of iMovie, you can take my advice into consideration. That is, you can use some third-party software to convert your Canon XA25 footages to Apple InterMediate Codec, the best supported format for both iMovie and Final Cut Express. If you want to try, use Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac.  

Actually, due to the wide range of media types, and the different ways manufacturers store video on these media types, not all media contents are compatible with your editing applications or media player devices. In such as case, people usually use a video converter program to transcode the incompatible files to a format that their software applications or hardware devices can handle. Here comes a guide elaborating how to transcode XA25 AVCHD clips into AIC for iMovie and FCE.

How to re-encode Canon XA25 MTS clips to AIC for editing with iMovie and FCE? 

Launch Pavtube MTS/M2ST Converter as a simple Canon XA25 Video Converter. In the main screen, click either “Add video” button or “Add from Folder” button to load your individual XA25 recording clips or the folder that contains your source media. 
convert Canon XA25 footages to Apple InterMediate Codec,

You can double click on a clip to preview it in the preview window right side, and you can also check a clip and click the play button under the preview window to play a clip before conversion.
the best supported format for imovie and fce

Move to the Format bar, and select “Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC)(*.mov)” as output format under “iMovie and Final Cut Express” preset. 

Click “Settings” button next to Format bar, the “Profile Settings” window appears, where you are allowed to adjust video and audio settings like resolution, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channels. When finished, click “OK”. If you are not familiar with this, simply skip it.
transcode XA25 AVCHD clips into AIC

When ready, click “Convert” button to start repacking Canon XA25 AVCHD footages to Apple InterMediate Codec MOV, so that they would be editable either in iMovie or Final Cut Express. As soon as the conversion completed, you can click “Open output folder” icon in the Conversion window to get the exported MOV files. You can also press “Open” button behind “Browse” button in the main screen to locate the output video.

As we mentioned in the beginning, the AIC MOV format is the best supported format for iMovie and Final Cut Express, so you can simply import the converted files to iMovie and FCE to do further editing without rendering, and you will not encounter incompatibility issues any more. 

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