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Import Panasonic X920 HD Camcorder 1080/60p footage to iMovie 11 without losing quality

“Can you please help me I just bought the new Panasonic X920 HD Camcorder and I want to edit the video footage in IMOVIE 11 without losing any of the High quality but the problem is my new Panasonic camcorder records in the top quality mode of 1080 60p which isn’t compatible in IMOVIE 11 and I don’t want to down grade the quality, can you please tell me do you have a converter that would do the job at converting the 1080 60p footage so I can edit it in IMOVIE 11 without losing any quality. Hope you can help.”

Panasonic X920

The HC-X920 is Panasonic's prosumer offering for 2013, boasting all the brand's latest refinements: 5-axis optical image stabilisation, Panasonic's '3MOS' triple CMOS BSI sensor system, a 3D LCD display and a 3D conversion lens (sold separately). The Panasonic HC-X920 supports AVCHD2, which allows you to record in 1080p HDTV resolution at 60fps (28 Mbps). A 32 GB SD card can hold 2 hours and 40 minutes of video in 1080/60p. The utmost AVCHD2 recording mode produces best possible image quality, yet it’s not optimal for video processing. For the time being, AVCHD2 has not been adopted as an acceptable format by iMovie or Final Cut. That’s why iMovie 11 does not import Panasonic HC-X920 1080/60p video.

Panasonic X920

In order to import Panasonic X920 HD Camcorder 1080/60p footage to iMovie 11 with best possible quality, you can convert HC-X920 1080 60p/50p AVCHD to Apple Intermediate Codec, which optimizes the video data for playback performance and editing in iMovie. Unlike AVCHD, the Apple Intermediate Codec does not use temporal compression, so every frame can be decoded and displayed immediately without first decoding other frames. The drawback of this codec is that it requires ten times as much bandwidth and hard drive storage space.

Pick up a top AVCHD to AIC Converter for Mac to transfer the 1080 60p AVCHD recordings for iMovie editing. This software can convert Panasonic X920 AVCHD MTS video to iMovie, FCE, FCP compatible formats as well as common formats (AVI, MPG, MOV, MKV, MP4, etc).


Guide: Converting  Panasonic X920 HD Camcorder 1080/60p footage to iMovie 11

1. Transfer the Panasonic X920 AVCHD .mts footage to your Mac computer first.

2. Install and run this MTS to iMovie Converter. Press the “Load” icon to import X9201080 50p/60p AVCHD MTS files to use on Mac.

MTS Converter

3. Click format column to choose the output format for iMovie. Click and choose "iMovie and Final Cut Express -> Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov)", it's the best format for iMovie - to import Panasonic X920 MTS to iMovie.


4. You can click "settings" button to adjust output parameters, such as resolution and bitrate. You can set the same data rate as the 1080 60p AVCHD.

5. Click convert button to start converting X920 1080 60p AVCHD to Apple Intermediate Codec.

After the Mac AVCHD converter finished transcoding, you can run the iMovie 9 to import the converted files and edit Panasonic X920 MTS in iMovie 9 without any rendering or compatibility issue.

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