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Top 10 Common iMovie Problems and Solutions

iMovie, as the most simple and effective editing tool on Mac, has won a bunch of supporters. You can edit videos from your camera without any extra compression, which is a big advantage on the video quality. But even this iMovie is simple use and well functioned, it still has many problems during the usage. Here we will list top 10 common iMovie problems and solutions for you to refer.


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Part I:Top 10 common iMovie problems and solutions

1. Poor camera connection

Poor camera connection If you once hook up your camera and your Mac, then open the iMovie, you may find "There is no connected camera" this message appears in the interface of your iMovie. That will definitely prevent your following jobs from the first step of importing your camera footages. The problem could have arisen from a variety of factors that include incompatibility of the USB cable on either the iMovie or camera. Solution:

The one solution you can have a shot is to replace the USB cable with another output option like FireWire. If you are using a camcorder, it will require nothing more than using the guidelines given out in the user manual.

2. Slowed speed

The reason why iMovie running slow when editing movies and videos can be a lot. If you give too many commands at one time, this will cause it. If in this situation, the ideal sotluion is to ensure iMovie is no overworked.


Another factor which may cause this slow running is from inadequate memory. You can try to delete all the files that are not necessary in the project because they end up eating too much of the available storage space. And any idle files in the iMovie should be deleted too before they occupy too much of your memories.

3. Troubled movie exporting

When you export your movies from iMovie, you might end up with a mix-up audio and video file. The files cannot compete like that if your storage space is adequate. Check the space available to determine if it's the cause of the problem arising from movie exporting.


If you do have enjoy storage space for exporting your movies, then it might be the original project was corrected in one way or another. Badly, you have to start with a fresh project if that is the situation.

4. Lacks sound

For the sound problem, this can be many reasons too. You have to make sure that the sound is existed in the original videos. Wrong preferences can cause this problem so you need to make sure that all the settings are adjusted properly. If your files are not supported by iMovie, then the sound will disappear too.


If you not sure whether your files are sound within or not, you can playback them on media player to make sure. But for the incompatible format problem, do some format conversion may help to tackle this problem.

5. Files distortion

No matter what the source files you import in iMovie, distortion may happen from time to time if the right exporting and importing procedures are not followed. The generated files may be choppy and blur.


To avoid that from happening, make sure you export or import files of right size that the iMovie can handle without damaging the original quality. Also, every editing sptes has to be done in the timeline and nowhere else.

6. iMovie crashing

You may encounter the unexpected crashing when you use iMovie, which can be a result of corrupted files and being overworked with many commands.


Make sure you do the right wordload for your iMovie to pervert it from crashing. File corruption will be related by the viruses in your computer system.

7. Error creating DVDs

When you try to make your own DVDs, go to the output option and select the DVD as the output format. Some problems just occur, especially for some long hour movies. The source of the problem may relate to the low RAM or an incompatible Mac system.


Here suggest you to improve on its RAM and change your Mac system to a friendly one. Or you can choose to ignore the iDVD feature in iMovie and convert the movies to DVD directly.

8. Ineffective trailer

This ineffective trailer may let you down. If this happens, that can be the worst of the problems that you will experience with iMovie. This will include selecting the best clips and music but end up experiencing unanticipated hitches.


You can go to "fonts" and open to activate all the fonts in case some are inactive. Come up with a new account, log in and iMovie will restart automatically. From there, you can visit "disk utility" button, select "repair permission" and then "restart OS X".

9. Annoying video effects

Several video effects are available to choose, which make your videos more vivid. But some of the effects will end up annoying if once you fail to render successfully.


You have to follow the given guidelines for each and evey effect if you want them to add to your movie correctly.

10. Unsatisfactory bend results

This is a general problem of many iMovie users. It can be unfinished project, poor quality video and audio or incompatible movies which will track their source to one of the key steps involved.Solution:

To solve this problem, you have to make sure your iMovie doesn't deliver such disgusting results at the end of the movie project, be sure to follow all the outlined procedures from the start to the end without any omission.

Part II: All-in-one converter to Solve 10 common iMovie problems

After go through all those problems, you definitely want to give up for you don't even know where to start. But just cheer up, here is an ultimate solution for you to tackle all those problems. Top 3 All-in-one converters is here to help.

Top 3 All-in-one converter to Solve 10 common iMovie problems

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For newbie who just start to use iMovie, here is a guide to help you transfer files into iMovie.

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