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Best 10 Video Converter for Windows Review & Guide

It will be a real joy to watch some super-compressed MPEG4 video on whatever device you choose. Actually, that video may look really good on some HD media player on your computer. But it can be a pain to watch on your home console or if you want to make your very own videos and intend to enjoy them on your Tablet or Smartphone. Here we will introduce you 10 best video converter on Windows top allow users to convert their precious video footage into a number of desirable formats.


1. Pavtube Video Converter

Why this one ranked first, it does have its reason. First, for the all-in-one conversion, you can load almost all the video formats like 1080p/720p MKV, MOV, MXF, MTS, AVI, MPG, VOB, etc, into this app and then choose the format you want, click "Convert". The rest can all be left to this converter to do. Easy to use and fast to convert, what's more, the converted quality was very good that you can hardly tell the difference between the original ones and the converted ones.


Why this converter can be such an ultimate one? Thanks to its inner decoder and recoder, you don't have to install any other codec package to support this converter. And the advanced sync skills will make your converted files in perfect audio and video sync. Build-in editor assist you to make your very own videos, while no matter you want to merge your files or clip them into several parts. This converter can do without any problem.

We liked:

Easy to use, multiple formats support and presets output options for users to choose. Bunch of output devices supported, friendly price and good compatible ability on Windows 7/8/8.1. New codec like H.265/XAVC are in the format list. 4K conversion can be maintained by type 3840*2160 in the "Settings" UI.

We disliked:

DVD ripping or burning is not supported by this converter.

Price $35   Download Pavtube Video Converter

2. Xilisoft HD Video Converter

Equipped with advanced High-Definition (HD) Video conversion technology, this converter can easily convert HD video formats to popular formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, DivX, TM, MOV, and FLV. For many devices like iPad, Android Tablet, Windows surface can also be directly load in after conversion.

We liked:

Easy to use and convert is good, multiple format support and output.

We disliked:

Limited output devices support, system only support Windows XP/7, no new update codec like H.265/XAVC support. Take a lot of CUP and generated files are very big.

Price: $ 39.95    Download Xilisoft HD Video Converter

3. Aiseesoft HD Video Converter

Aiseeoft HD Converter Converter can achieve HD to HD conversion. You can convert AVCHD, HD TS, HD MPEG, WMV, MP4, QuickTime,etc with this conversion. You can also extract audio from video easily. It provide editing functions like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Volume, crop, merge and add watermark.

We liked:

Simple editing function, convert HD videos and audio files.

We disliked:

Limited output options and not such nice HD converting quality, even they claimed that the conversion is HD.

Price: $25.6   Download Aiseesoft HD Video Converter

4. Tipard Video Converter

Convert 2D and 3D videos with no quality loss, it support HD video and even 3D video with good converted quality. Multiple video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG, 3GP, and more is highly supported by this converter.

We liked:

Convert among HD videos to general video format, edit your video. Turn 2D to 3D with good quality

We disliked:

They claimed the 2D, 3D conversion will be ZERO quality loss, but the truth is the quality isn't such good. No keep "keep original resolution" option to choose, which prove that the conversion definitely will have quality loss.

Price: $31.5   Download Tipard Video Converter

5. ImToo Video Converter

Convert video and audio for multimedia devices like iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox 360, etc. Multiple formats supported like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, HD video encoding and decoding. Simple editing function available. Convert 2D to 3D videos, extract audios from videos.

We liked:

Great format support, lots of new profiles, up-to-date with the most recent devices.

We disliked:

No video editor, some features are hard to find.

Price: 41.97  Download ImToo Video Converter

6. Any Video Converter

If your needs are basic then you can just drag in your files, choose the output format you need from the wide selection on offer, click "Convert Now!", and the program will go to work. It's all very easy. And it can download videos directly from YouTube, Google, MetaCafe and so on, for instance. Handy editing options include the ability to trim and crop footage, and apply useful special effects (sharpen, reduce noise, tweak brightness or contrast).

We liked:

Easy to use, downloads from YouTube, useful video editing features, supports many input/ output formats

We disliked:

Only limited control over the video conversion, DVD burning didn't work for us, disappointing performance

Price: Free   Download Any Video Converter

7. Free Studio

Free Studio is a suite of 45 freeware tools to handle all kinds of video-related tasks: downloading, ripping, burning, and of course converting clips from one format to another. A front end menu tries to integrate all these, but it still takes some exploration to find what you need. Once discovered the relevant tools, though, they follow the usual route: import your chosen videos, choose the appropriate output format or device, and convert at a click.

We liked:

Well designed, many good features like download, ripping , burning tools, and convert MP4 in fast speed.

We disliked:

The separated small programmers just make the format choose more difficult to do. Not very convenient to use.

Price: Free   Download Free Studio

8. Format Factory

Format Factory offers a good balance between ease of use and video conversion power. It's easy to get started: you can choose the type of file you'd like to create, add some videos to be converted, and pick your required output settings. But you also just get a little more control over those settings than in some of the more basic tools here.

We liked:

Advanced conversion options, plenty of built-in conversion presets, watermark and subtitling support, bonus audio/ image/ other conversion types, good MP4/ WMV output performance.

We disliked:

Some files encoded in new codec have failed to convert like H.265/XAVC, etc.

Price: Free Download Format Factory

9. Freemake Video Converter

If you need your conversion tool to support the widest possible range of formats then Freemake Video Converter could be ideal: it supports a lengthy list of video types, as well as being able to import audio files, images, DVDs, even YouTube URLs.

We liked:

Download YouTube files, multiple formats support, can limit converted video size, reasonable performance, easy to use.

We disliked:

The output options are limited and can only tweak a few aspects of the converted videos.

Price: Free    Download Freemake Video Converter


If your video conversion needs are complex, and only the most powerful tool will do, then start by downloading a copy of MediaCoder 2011 - it's packed with functions and features. The program doesn't just import all the main video formats, for instance: it can also download streaming videos, read CDs and DVDs, connect to video capture devices, and more.

We liked:

Lots of formats supported powerful editing function and multiple output conversion choice, good performance.

We disliked:

Even for a pretty good functions, but the interface will be a shortcoming and relatively complex to use.

Price: Free   Download MediaCoder

Until now, which conversion tool can be your best choice, this will all depend on your needs. If you just want to convert the occasional video to play on a mobile device, then you don't have to make any complexities at all, just some free apps can meet your needs. But if you pursuit the professional converted quality, then paid ones can be much better.

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