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The best Blu-ray Ripper for PS Vita – enjoy BD movies on Vita

Besides game playing, PS Vita can also be considered as a fantastic video player. The 5-inch OLED display makes it amazing for movie watching on the go. If you wanna put some Blu-ray movies onto Vita, a piece of easy-to-use Blu-ray to PS Vita Ripper is needed. Before we talk about blue ray on PS Vita, I’d like to mention something more about the new portable game console.


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The PS Vita total cost of ownership is not cheap, and the price for the memory cards and games are putting many people off. In some consumers’ opinion, to buy one 16GB card and three games is equal to have an iPad tablet. But those ideas could not stop Vita becoming popular. There is good news for Sony that PS Vita sales figures are updated to 1.4 million after its global release. See a comparison chart below.


The PS Vita Launch   Mobile game consoles compared
blu-ray to ps vita ripper
Back to the point, this guide elaborates how to use a Blu-ray ripper for PS Vita tool to copy your purchased Blu-ray DVD movies for PlayStation Vita playback.


Recommended software
Pavtube PS Vita bluray converter (To get the profile patch for PS Vita, we suggest you download the patch package directly).  


Here we go.
How-To: PS Vita Blu-ray Ripper – how to rip blue ray movies for PS Vita?  


Step 1: Load Blu-ray movie files into Blu-ray to PS Vita Ripper
Pavtube PS Vita bluray converter software is able to recognize Blu-ray movie files directly from a Blu-ray Disc, a Blu-ray ISO image file, and a Blu-ray folder stored on your computer’s hard drive.
ps vita blu-ray ripper


Step 2: Select Sony PS Vita Video (*.mp4) as output format
It appears that the PlayStation Vita is very picky about what video files it will play, so the preset template for Vita will easily help you out. Check whether your Blu-ray ripping software includes Vita profile beneath PSP/PS3 option, if not, please go to our profile patch page for free bluray ripper for PS Vita downloading. (See Recommended video format and settings for PS Vita)  


Step 3: Shrink Blu-ray for Vita playback
Click the big button Convert to start ripping Blu-ray Disc/Blu-ray ISO to MP4 for PS Vita. If you are running a PC with CUDA or AMD APP acceleration enabled graphics card, the Pavtube Blu-ray to PS Vita Ripper will automatically detect them to speed up the conversion process up to 6X faster than ever before.  


In case you wanna rip Blu-ray movies to PS Vita on a Mac, you can try Pavtube Blu-ray to PS Vita Ripper for Mac.


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