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Best Quality Option to Convert 1080p MKV to 720p MKV

Have you got a PS3 for enjoying HD movies or just playing more vivid video games? As to game playing, some people would think about it that we usually play games with a keyboard and a LCD. Now, it has been outdated because the true experience video game has taken the place and attracted large number of players. PS3 is such a game player as its name, Play Station 3, and it is not only a game player, but also a great HD video player for home entertainment. Now, many users try to play 1080p movies on PS3. Will they manage to do this?


It seems impossible since 1080p movies are defined with full HD videos which have the best video displaying effects and also results the large video size and high decoder requirements for playing such HD movies. So we need to convert 1080p MKV to 720p as PS3 does not produce 1080p MKV playing back. And how can we get 720p MKV videos from 1080p?

First, you need a perfect 1080p to 720p MKV converter. Pavtube MKV Converter is such a powerful video tool that helps you transcode full HD MKV for PS3. Freely download the trial version of MKV Converter and install it with ease, then you can start your conversion right now.


How to maintain quality of the HD 1080p MKV when convert to 720p MKV?

Step 1.Download this 1080p Converter on your PC

Launch this app after installing it, click the add button to browse the file path to choose the MKV videos you want to convert. And then, you will find the imported MKV files are displayed on the file list. With several buttons below, you can click to learn the detail information of each MKV file, such as subtitle and language.


Step 2.Choose proper format for 1080p MKV

After that, you should choose output format for 1080p MKV movies. As you want to make full HD MKV compatible with PS3, video format can be kept with MKV and what you need to do is just change the profile settings for the output MKV. The program provides 1080p to 720p MKV conversion with simple steps. You can click the format bar and choose MKV in Common Videos option. And then click the settings button and change the video size from 1080 to 720.



If you don't know which format to choose , then you can just go for the preset for PS3 in the format list then adjust the Size (pix).

Step 3.Adjust Size (pix) 1080p to 720p

Click "Settings" to go to this UI, change the 1080p to 720p by clicking the drop-bottom menu. Also you can know the detailed information about your generated file like file size , codec information in the below tablet.


Step 4.Start to convert 1080p to 720p MKV

Finally, please start the conversion by clicking the convert button. With this great full HD MKV converter, you can convert and easily enjoy Full HD 1080p MKV movies on PS3. If you want to enjoy the videos by PS3 that under the same net on various devices, then you can try to set Windows PC as a DLNA Media Server for PS3 video streaming.

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