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MKV to Galaxy S2 MP4 Transfer Tool - Fix MKV files for Galaxy S2 Playing

Samsung Galaxy S2 has been one of the most popular smart phones since it was released. According to the feedback from users, it performs well in all application except for proper playback of MKV video files with allshare. Then this problem has troubled many people and decreased the convenience of Galaxy S2 with video playing function.


So, how to enjoy MKV movies on Galaxy S2? You may think that a good media player on the Galaxy S2 can help solve the problem. Someone tried QQplayer, and it was able to play the large MKV clips without any problems, and it is free in the android market. But the phone will get warm while playing the video file using QQplayer which will decrease the service life of your battery in Galaxy S2.


Pavtube MKV Converter comes as a great Galaxy S2 MKV converter which makes it possible to import MKV to Galaxy S2 for smooth playing. It is a MKV video editor as well as a MKV to Galaxy S2 MP4 transformer with simple video editing functions.


With these steps below, you can convert MKV files to MP4 format and edit MKV movies on Windows and finally transcode MKV videos for Galaxy S2.


Step 1. Get ready for the MKV to Galaxy S2 conversion. Download Pavtube MKV Converter, install and run it. Click “Trial” when a dialogue box pops up, asking you whether to Purchase or “Trial”.


Step 2. Load MKV videos to the program. Click on “Add” button and navigate to your target files. When the selected MKV files are imported to file list, check the MKV files you would like to convert to Galaxy S2. You can add effects to MKV movies for Galaxy S2 with video editor option in the program.



Step 3. Set output format for Galaxy S2. Click on Format bar, select “Samsung” from the format list and in submenu you will find MP4 format especially output to Galaxy S2. Then Click on the small folder icon to specify the output folder.



Step 4. Start MKV to Galaxy S2 conversion. Click on the “Convert” button and the program will start to fix MKV files for Galaxy S2 playing. After conversion you may transport the converted videos to Galaxy S2. Now you can enjoy your MKV movies on Galaxy S2 wherever and whenever.

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