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Top 10 PS Vita FAQs

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The PS Vita has stunning 5-inch multi-touch Organic Light Emitting Display, OLED, as the front display which can display rich and vibrant graphics for both games and other digital entertainment content. The PS Vita also incorporates a unique multi-touch pad on the rear that can be used to play specific games, together with the front touch display. As well as the ability to touch, you can use its Six Axis motion controls or standard buttons.


Thanks to the PS Vita front and rear cameras, you can bring the outside world into some games like Reality Fighters or just take pictures on the move. The PS Vita First Edition bundle will include the 3G-enabled unit itself along with a 4GB PS Vita memory card, a limited edition carrying case, and a physical copy of the Little Deviants game.


Here are the top 10 questions and answers about PS Vita.


Q1: When will PS Vita be available?

A: In North America, Latin America, and Europe, PS Vita launches on February 22nd, 2012. A limited-run First Edition Bundle launched on February 15th in the US. In Japan, PS Vita was launched on December 17th.


Q2: How to get PC/Mac Recognize PS Vita?

A: To connect your PS Vita system to a PC or Mac for operations such as copying data, you will have to install Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation on your PC or Mac. However, if you have Content Manager Assistant installed and still can't connect, download Content Manager Assistant for PC or Mac here and follow the instructions. Make sure that the PC is connected to the net as well (note that the PS logo is facing upward when connecting the cable to the PS Vita system).


Next when the device has been recognized, you can carry on with the normal content copying via the Content Manager.


Q3: I’ve heard that PS Vita uses OLED display technology. How does it work? What are the benefits of OLED? Why is it superior to traditional LCD-based displays?

A: OLED technology is the most cutting-edge display technology on the market, boasting higher contrast and brighter color than LCD-based displays found in other devices. This next-generation display technology makes PS Vita games look dazzlingly bright.


Q4: Why can't the PS Vita read the Game Card read?

A: Try turning the system off by pressing and holding the power button for about two seconds and then tap "Power Off". Next, remove the Game Card and make sure that it has been inserted correctly before reinserting it and turning on the system. However, if this doesn't help, then you might need to update the System Software.


Q5: What is PS Vita’s battery life?

A: Officially, PS Vita is rated at approximately 3 to 5 hours of gaming, 5 hours of video playback, and 9 hours of music playback. Recharging the battery from 0 percent will take approximately 2.5 hours.


From a gaming perspective, you’ll notice that the most graphically intense games such as UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss are slightly more demanding on battery life, while simpler games such as Escape Plan are less demanding. To further maximize battery life, you can employ measures such as reducing the screen’s brightness or deactivating Wi-Fi. By and large, PlayStation employees who have used PS Vita extensively in the real world have praised the unit’s battery life – if you pick up PS Vita on day one, be sure to let us know what your experiences are.


Q6: What video and audio formats will PS Vita support?
A: PS Vita supports a wide array of audio files, including: MP3 (MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3), MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC), and WAVE (Linear PCM). Video formats supported include: MPEG-4 Simple Profile (AAC) and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High/Main/Baseline Profile (AAC). Image and photo formats supported include JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and PNG.


Q7: No picture on the PS Vita. Why is this happening?

A: Note that if you are unable to see any image on the PS Vita's screen, check if the device is turned on. If the device is on and still no image is being displayed, force off the device, which you can do by pressing and holding the power button for more than 30 seconds until the screen turns off. After a moment, press and hold the power button for five seconds to turn on your system.


Q8: What are the advantages of choosing the 3G/Wi-Fi model of PS Vita? What will I get with it that I can’t get with the Wi-Fi model?

A: With access to AT&T Broadband Network you can game with real-time connection, immediately socialize with your gaming community through news feeds, multiplayer game sessions, and compete for in-game achievements (Trophies). You can also stay up-to-date with continuous LiveArea news feeds, and cross-game text messaging with Party. The 3G connectivity also benefits social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, Skype and more, all optimized specifically for PS Vita.


Q9: Is there a possibility of certain PS3 games using PS Vita as a second screen or peripheral at some point in the future?
A: Remote Play on PS Vita will allow you to see and control your PS3 from your PS Vita; we’ll have further details to share in the future.


Q10: An un-lit/always lit pixel is on the touchscreen. Is this a problem?

A: No. The OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) touchscreen is manufactured using high-precision technologies. However, while it's pixel count is over 99.99%, the appearance of a "dead pixel" (black dots) or "stuck pixels" (red, blue, or green dots) is considered normal for this display.


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