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Backup/convert DVD for streaming to Xobx 360 with 5.1 sounds?

Setting up Xbox 360 for video streaming is not a big deal. If you have an Xbox 360 connected to a home network, you can use it as a Media Center Extender. This is an easy way to stream your pictures, music, videos to the Xbox. The process is straight-forward with instructions on Microsoft site. With the right setup, you can have Windows Media Player stream the media stored on your computer to the Xbox 360 in another room instantly. This seems to be a nice video streaming solution, but in fact Xbox360 will stream only WMV and MPEG2. It will not stream any other form of video, not even a DVD. To stream DVD to Xbox 360, you need to do some preparation work, i.e. turn DVD into Xbox 360 playable format first. Let’s see how to achieve this purpose.


To convert a DVD for Xbox 360 streaming, you must have a DVD Ripper that can crack DVD encryption and also encode the VOB streams to WMV files. Pavtube DVD Ripper is a remarkable decrypter and converter app for this. And you can download and install a trial DVD Ripper for testing.



Basic workflow of converting DVD to Xbox 360 streaming media format:

1. Click “Add” DVD to crack copy-protection and import DVD.
2. Uncheck all chapters, and then check the main movie.
3. From “Audio” and “Subtitles” box, set English language.
4. Click “Format”, and select “Common Video>> WMV9(*.wmv)” format.
5. Click “Convert” button.


The common video format creates WMV file with 2-channel wav audio. If your goal is to keep the 5.1 digital sound over streaming, choose “Xbox 360>> Xbox 360 HD Video (*.wmv)” format instead, which converts DVD to WMV with wav3 5.1 audio and 720p HD video quality. This format, however, also results in bigger file size.


The Pavtube DVD Ripper lets users to custom format. To adjust video bitrate, frame rate, audio channels, etc, simply click “Settings” to personalize a/v parameters. For instance, you can set video bitrate to 2500kbps to compress a 100min DVD movie to 2GB or so.



The DVD Ripper also work with DVD backup including VIDEO_TS structure and DVD ISO files. To stream 1080p Blu-ray to Xbox 360, you may take a look at Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper.

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