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How to Export Sony Vegas Pro file to Premiere Pro?

You might have created nearly one hundred videos in SV for a client rendering them in the mp4 format that he requested. But he wanted the original Sony Vegas files so he cloud import them into his Adobe Premiere, in case he wanted to make changes later by adding graphics or changing up the music. You might also have tried the search function and have read many threads but still felt like that you I had solid answers. Today, in this article, you would get the best solution to export Sony Vegas Pro file to Premiere Pro.

Firstly, does Premiere pro support Sony Vegas Pro file? NO. The Vegas project is the veg file and premiere would have no clue what to do with it. Vegas is non-destructive and never touches the original media. But if you have Vegas Pro 12.0 you can use File | Export | Premiere/After Effects (*.prproj) which exports your project for use in Adobe Premiere or After Effects. There are, however, a lot of things that probably won't translate simply because of the different capabilities of Vegas Pro and Premiere Pro. Things like Deinterlace method, Motion blur type, Track Composite mode, Loop switch for events, Effects, etc. will all be ignored. So unless you had an extremely simply project with no effects, compositing, etc. 

Best Way to Import Sony Vegas Pro file to Premiere Pro

To keep all the effect in the video exported from Sony Vegas, you'd better export Sony Vagas Pro to MP4 then convert the file to Adobe Premiere Pro supported well format with comaptible video and audio parameters. With  Pavtube Video Converter, the video conversion is very easy.

No matter what format video you export from Sony Vegas Pro, Pavtube Video Converter can convert it to Premiere Pro most compatible MPEG-2 and ProRes codec video within 3 cliks. On the other hand, it also can encode other video files such as Camstutio video, OBS video, Shadowplay video, etc to Premiere Pro. When it comes to setting up the video parameters, you can select the video codec, pick the video size, and adjust the framerate, while the audio ones can be tweaked in terms of bitrate, codec, and sample rate. You even can trim, crop, merge, split, flip, rorate, add subtitles/watermarks before you start to convert Sony Vegas Pro video to Premiere Pro.

For Mac users, you can turn to Pavtube Video Converter for Mac  to convert Sony Vegas Pro to Premiere Pro.


Steps to Convert Sony Vegas Pro to Premiere Pro

Step 1. Load Sony Vegas Pro files

Follow Export Sony Vegas to MP4 guide to get the MP4 file. Then you can directly drag & drop the Sony Vegas Pro MP4 files to the converter, or click “Add Video” or “Add from folder” button on the top menu to browse and choose Sony Vegas Pro MP4 files.

load video

Step 2. Choose the preset output format 

If you have an old computer, you can directly use the program to output Premiere Pro specially optimized editing format "MPEG-2(*.mpg)" under "Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas..." main category.

Output PPC optimized editing format

If your computer can perfectly handle HD video and you are using Premiere Pro CC, you can choose ProRes codec video for PrPro from "Final Cut Pro" > "Apple Prores 422(*.mov)" or "Apple Prores 422(HQ)(*.mov)".

Output Apple Prores format

Step 3. Start converting Sony Vegas Pro files.

Now, you get all things ready. Just click Convert button. Then it begins to do the conversion work automatically, you can view the progress bar, and click suspend or quit if necessary.

Now, you can easily drag the converted Sony Vegas Pro file to Adobe Premiere Pro, and do whatever you wanna do. It could have been so easy, right? Cheers.

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