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As we all know, even if you have your purchased Blu-ray movies, and a BD burner and blank discs, you are unable to make Blu-ray backup at will. But isn’t there a way to make digital copies of your BD movies at all? Absolutely not. We believe that the movie manufacturers have the right to keep their intellectual property, but we also believe that consumers have the right to enjoy or backup BD movies they purchase, especially when they just wanna keep Blu-ray discs from scratching, or manage their movies in a more convenient way. This page will describe how to backup your own Blu-ray Disc video to different storage mediums, including backing up blu-ray collection to NAS, backing up blu-ray library to home sever, backing up BD movie to HDD, backing up bluray content to PC, and more.

Blu-ray backup on Windows PCs

Blu-ray backup on Mac computers

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