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How to connect LG Optimus G Pro to computer and transfer music/video to the Optimus G phone?

Many of the LG phones, such as the LG Optimus models, allow you to playback video in high resolutions. You can upload videos from your computer to your smartphone and play them back on the go. Android based LG phones generally support videos in MP4, WMV, 3GP and AVI formats, therefore, videos of other formats have to be converted to MP4.

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For some DVD, Blu-ray, or 1080p MKV, WMV, AVI videos on your LG phone, then you can go for detailed workflow here. In this guide let's focus on the basic file transfer and sharing between LG Optimus G Pro and PC.

Connect Optimus G Pro to PC and view files from computer

1. Connect your LG Optimus G Pro to the computer using the supplied USB cable. To do so, connect one end of the USB cable into the USB port on your computer and the other end into a USB port on your Android phone.

2. You'll receive a notification on the phone that the USB is connected and the USB connection type prompt is displayed. Tap Media sync (MTP) or Camera (PTP) and open the folder you wish to view from your computer.

Transfer music/video from PC to the Optimus G Pro phone

You should see your cell phone listed as an external USB hard drive on your PC after tapping "Media sync (MTP)". To transfer music/video from PC to the Optimus G Pro phone, proceed as follows.

1. Double-click the cell phone drive to launch it. Locate the "Videos" folder and double-click it.

2. Locate your video file from the location you have it on your computer and drag it into the "Videos" folder. Make sure the video file is in LG Optimus G Pro supported format. MKV and other unsupported videos should be converted to MP4 if you want to put them to Optimus G Pro. Use Android Video Converter for conversion.

3. To sync music to Optimus G Pro, drag your songs to the "Audio" folder.

Tips on file transfer between Optimus G Pro phone and PC

- You may copy or move files from the PC to the phone's removable storage using a card reader.

- If there is a video file with a subtitle file (.smi file with the same name as the video file), place them in the same folder to display the subtitle automatically when playing the video file.

- When downloading music or video files, copyright must be secured. Please note that a corrupted file or file with a wrong extension may cause damage to the LG phone.

- If you want to enjoy the most HD quality of your original videos, then you can choose the H.264 high profile as your output format.

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