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How to Play MXF with VLC?

Material Exchange Format (MXF) is a container or a wrapper format for digital audio and video media defined by a set of standards defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). How to play MXF with VLC will be simply discussed here.


To play MXF files, you should know that it is an open file format aimed at the interchange of audio and video material with associated data. It has full timecode support and metadata support and is intended as a platform agnostic sable standard for professional audio and video applications to evolve.

Brief introduction of VLC:

VLC player is an open source media player developed by the Video Lan project. It is a very useful tool for viewing many different media formats, on multiple computer platforms. Playing MXF files on VLC can be achieved by some methods.

To be able to play them you can use Avid or Canopus editing software, or use Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac (Top 5 best MXF Converter for Mac) and use any of these to convert the MXF files into .AVI files that can be easily played in VLC by downloading a codec like divX codec. Another method for playing MXF files on VLC is by using the Mainconcept Reference codec, by installing this codec you can directly run your MXF files on the VLC media player. Through this you should be playing MXF files on VLC media player with ease.

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How to play MXF files via VLC ?

Step 1. Download this converter on your Mac with ease

This app can run on the Yosemite without any problem and there is no unnecessary bundle apps hide in this install package.

After the installation, click "File">"Add Video/Audio" to load your files easily. You can highlight your file for preview or know the detailed info about files by clicking "Properties" icon on the main UI.


Step 2. Choose proper format for VLC playback

Here there are many presets for you to choose, also you can customize your own settings. On Mac and for VLC , you can go to this "Common Video">"M4V-MPEG-4 Video (*.m4v)" which is the natively format on Mac OS X.


Step 3. Adjust parameters if you need

If your source files are from camera, and you want to do some editing like trim, crop and adjust aspect ratio, etc , then you can click "Edit" to this UI and do what you want.


Step 4. Start to convert your MXF files to M4V for playback on VLC

After setting the file location, then you can click this "Convert" to start your conversion. This won't take very much long time. If you happen to forget to set the file location, don't worry about that, click this "Open output folder" to check your converted files.

If you want to know more about the VLC media player , you can go to this VLC Page.

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