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Transcode Panasonic AJ-PX800 H.264/AVC MXF to MOV on Mac for editing in FCP, iMovie, Avid, Adobe ,etc.

Many cameramen who use Panansonic AJ-PX800 would not just simply shooting videos then review them on their Mac or PC. But to do the following edits is the point, even for amateurs. Some NLEs can handle for the complex editing with simple steps, which really do a great help for users. But many users just can't load their raw AJ-PX800 MXF files into FCP, iMovie or other edting software. This is because your low editing software version or some other known problems concerning the codecs.


Pavtube MXF Converter for Mac will be the best solution for you to deal with this problem. No matter your videos came from SDHC/Micro SDHC card, or copy P2 MXF file from MXF>BDMV>STREAM on built-in HDD, you can transfer your files into this app without any problem, then make them the most compatible formats for your NLEs.


How to Transcode Panasonic AJ-PX800 H.264/AVC MXF to MOV on Mac Yosemite?

Step 1. Load AJ-PX800 MXF into MOV Converter on Mac

Download this MXF Converter on your Mac then have it install. In the main UI, you have many ways to load your files, click "File">"Add Video/Audio" , "Add from folder" or directly drag-and-drop your files in the main interface can also be available.



1. You can preview your files in the preview windows by highlight your videos, take snapshot of one specific scene can be done by clicking the "camera" icon below the preview window.

2. If you have two audios in your videos and want to just convert one audio track, then you can click the "Properties" to select the audio you want to convert.


Step 2. Choose proper formats for your NLEs

Here in this app, there are bunch of presets for you to choose. These presets are the most compatible format for your NLEs. It saves time for you to create the output settings by yourself. Simply , easy and no mistake. If your target editing software is Final Cut Pro, then go to the format bar, choose "Final Cut Pro">"Apple ProRes codec 422 (*.mov)" as your output format.



Or if you don't care about the file size , just pursuit the high quality, then "Apple Prores 422 HQ (*.mov)" may be your choice. (Differences among ProRes codecs)

Step 3. Ajust PX-800 parameters according to your needs

Click the "Settings" beside the "Format bar", click it, you will come to this UI. You can adjust Bit rate, Frame rate or Audio channels according to your needs. But if you want to keep the most quality of your videos, leave it as default settings will be OK.



You can know the detailed info about your source video by checking the Table below those parameter settings. It well tell you the output file size at the right-down corner of the Table.

Step 4. Go for simple editing (optional)

If your final aim about your videos is to upload them online and no need for complex editing, but at the meantime, simple edits must required. Then the build-in editor will be the best solution. You can just click "Pencil" icon to go to the Edit UI. Then trim, crop the part your don't need, add subtitles/watermark for fun, switch mode between "Interlaced" and "Progressive", change the aspect ratio to fit the online screen better.


Step 5. Start convert PX800 MXF files to MOV files on Mac Yosemite

After all have been settled, you can back to the main UI and click this "Convert" to start your conversion. Don't forget to set the file location before your conversion, but still you can find your converted files in the default location by clicking "Open output folder" on the conversion UI.

If you want to load iMove , AVID, Adobe, you can just choose different preset which fits your NLEs best. After the conversion, you find it is easy to load your files into this FCP and quality is good.

Additional tips:

1. If you just want to transfer your files into some portable devices like Samsung Tab or other Game consoles, like Xbox 360, they all can be realized by this converter.

2. How to transfer media files into FCP

3. For win users, Pavtube MXF Converter can deal with MXF files while main the high quality if you choose H.265/HEVC as your output format.

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