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Back up commercial Blu-ray Discs

Backing up a self-made Blu-ray Disc is straight-forward. You just place the Blu-ray Disc in a BD drive that is hooked up with your PC, and copy the BD contents as copy regular HD videos. With BD authoring software like Ulead MovieFactory and Nero, it takes several clicks to burn a BD copy. However, backing up a commercial Blu-ray Disc is much complicated. Commercial Blu-ray Discs are copy-protected and will not let you backup the movies to PC or copy them to blank discs. AACS and BD+ copy-protections are implemented to almost all the Blu-ray movies on sale. In another word, you will not able to backup commercial Blu-ray Discs unless you figure out a way for cracking/by-passing copy-protections first.

There are multiple BD ripping tools that are claimed to handle with commercial BDs, but most these are of no avail. Pavtube Blu-ray Disc Ripper is recommended as a best Blu-ray backup tool for its decent decryption ability, fast speed and rich BD backing up solutions:

1. Crack AACS, BD+ protections and make full backup of Blu-ray Disc with “Full Disc Copy” feature;

2. Backing up Blu-ray m2ts streams to hard drive without quality loss;

3. Back up and convert Blu-ray movie to 1080p HD MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, TS, MPG, MOV, etc;

4. Compress Blu-ray HD contents to VOB files of DVD quality for authoring DVD copy.

With all these BD backup solutions, you can easily burn a BD copy, make Blu-ray ISO image, play lossless BD contents on PC and HDTV, and burn Blu-ray to DVD. Find details of backing up Blu-ray below:

Required hardware: PC with Blu-ray Disc Drive

Required software: Pavtube Blu-ray Disc Ripper (click to download a free trial, or purchase a retail version of Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper which is free ofupdate)

Step-by-step guide to tell how to backup Blu-ray Disc:

Step 1. Load Blu-ray Disc for backing up.

Hook BD drive with your PC, place Blu-ray Disc into the drive. Run Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper software, click “BD/DVD ROM” to import blu-ray movie from Blu-ray disc.

back up blu-ray discs

Step 2. Decrypt and backup Blu-ray Disc to hard drive.

A. Full Disc Copy- make full backup of entire BD directory for burning ISO and BD.

Simply click “Full Disc Copy” button to backup BD to PC. In this way all contents of the Blu-ray disc will be copied to your hard drive, including the menus, titles, ads, etc. Full Disk Copy aims to help users to backup the whole contents of a Blu-ray disc (or standard DVD) in the easiest and fastest way. The backup costs much less time than ripping movie to other format. Once it's finished ripping check the folder structure by adding in the following folders.



From here you can burn Blu-ray movie to ISO image, or burn BDMV folder to blank Blu-ray Disc with Tsmuxer and other Blu-ray authoring software.

back up blu-ray to iso

B. Directly Copy- backup Blu-ray m2ts streams only for PC playback.

Click “File Mode” to switch to file mode, and then click on “Format” bar, select “Copy>>Directly Copy” in profile list, and then click “Convert” button to start copying Blu-ray to m2ts streams. In this way you get Blu-ray m2ts video streams only. VLC player can be used for playing m2ts clips on PC. Blu-ray m2ts steams are H.264 or VC-1 encoded high-definition contents that require powerful PC to ensure smooth playback. Provided that you get stuttering and skipping image, follow method C instead.

back up blu-ray to m2ts

C. Back up and convert Blu-ray movie to 1080p HD videos.

Click on the pull down menu of “Format” to select output format, follow “HD Video” and there are 1080p video formats including H.264 MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, Divx AVI, MPEG-TS. Select a desired preset as output format and click “Convert”. This would greatly reduce the file size and meanwhile suffer invisible quality loss. Windows Media Center plays the HD videos without a hitch. With a CUDA implemented NVIDIA graphics card, the ripping speed can be 3X+ faster.

back up blu-ray to 1080p hd mp4, avi, wmv

D. Backup Blu-ray for authoring DVD.

Click on “Format” and find a desired format in “DVD” template for authoring DVD. There are 16:9 NTSC and PAL modes. The format creates DVD quality VOB files, which can be easily imported to DVD authoring software for burning a DVD copy.

You can find more Blu-ray backup solutions and Blu-ray ripping tools at http://www.pavtube.com/blu-ray-ripper/blu-ray-backup/.

Why backup Blu-ray Disc?

Firstly, Blu-ray Discs are easy to break, a backup copy is safe and permanent, even if the data get lost, there’re ways to recover.
Secondly, a digital copy protects your Blu-ray Discs from scratches – will you still hunt for a movie in hundreds of DVDs and BDs while you can easily search and play it with a remote control?

Thirdly, a backup free you from BD region code restrictions. Commercial Blu-ray Discs could be Region A, B and C, while not a BD player reads full region Blu-ray Discs. Things happen that your BD player refuse to read the BD you BD purchased from oversea market (unauthorized region). Things will not happen to Blu-ray backup copy, as it is region-free.

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