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Convert TiVo to Nook Tablet Compatible Format Videos

I suppose many people like watching TV in their free time. In fact, life has become more interesting and the world has become smaller since the TV has been developed for people. We can be informed of the latest news that happened around the world, and besides, we can enjoy our favorite TV shows on it. But people now become busier and busier that they nearly have no time to watch TV shows. So TiVo comes to help people record and restore the TV shows into video files and these videos can be played back on your PC or other media players.


So, how about playing TV shows on Nook Tablet which is one of the most popular tablet PCs in the world. One way is to watch on-line TV shows with wireless net, but it depends on the signal strength of the wireless net, sometimes it will become choppy. Another way is to transport TiVo videos to Nook Tablet for playing. But according to the test, Nook Tablet can not support TiVo videos playing. So, how can you do to deal with this problem?


You can try to convert TiVo to Nook Tablet compatible format videos for smoothly playing. Here I recommend Pavtube Video Converter as the best TiVo to Nook Tablet converter on Windows. With this TiVo video to Nook Tablet video converter, you can freely transcode TiVo videos for playing on Nook Tablet. And the output videos are in high quality and suitable file size for Nook Tablet.


Recommended output format: MP4

Click the format bar and choose Android >> Nook Color (*.mp4) as the output format.



Recommended settings:


Codec: h264                  Codec: aac

Size: 720*480                 Sample Rate: 32000

Bitrate: 1200                  Bitrate: 128000

Frame Rate: 25                Channels: Stereo



Tips: To convert TiVo videos to Nook Tablet MP4 videos, you need enter the access key before importing the TiVo videos. After launching the program, just click the Help button on the menu bar and choose Options. And then fill in the blank with the access key of your TiVo video when a popup box appears. Click OK button and then you can import your TiVo video to the program for further converting.



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