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Solve no sound problem transcode MXF file to Quicktime MOV for Adobe Premiere

MXF is a file format for the exchange of programme material between servers, tape streamers and to digital archives. Its contents may be a complete programme as well as complete packages or sequences. There are basic facilities available for cuts between sequences and audio crossfades. This way the sequences can be assembled into programmes. MXF is self-contained, holding complete content without need of external material.


Nowadays MXF files usually recorded by canon, Panasonic and Sony high-end camcorders, such as canon XF series, Panasonic P2 series and Sony XDCAM series, MXF is not a common video format, it’s not easy to use in many editing software on windows and Mac.


Recently some users reported that when they transcode MXF file to Quicktime MOV format and then import them to Adobe Premiere but get no sound. What’s the reason for this problem? That’s the codec and format. In order to edit MXF files in Premiere, you should choose a best codec or format for premiere editing, WMV format is the first choice. If you choose quicktime MOV format for use in Premiere, you will get many problems like no sound.


To solve no sound problem when transcode MXF file to Quicktime MOV for Adobe Premiere, you should choose WMV as output format, and then you can edit MXF in premiere smoothly without problems. Now you can follow the steps to convert MXF to WMV for Premiere for editing.


1. Free download Pavtube MXF Converter, this converter can help you convert MXF files to Premiere or any common formats, such as WMV, AVI, MKV, etc.



2. Install and launch this best MXF to WMV converter. Import the MXF video you want to convert.


3. Click format bar to choose the output format. To edit MXF file in adobe Premiere, you are recommended to choose Adobe Premiere -> WMV (VC-1) (*.wmv), it’s the best video format for editing in premiere.



4. You can click settings button to adjust the output parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, etc.


5. Edit function is useful and convenient. You can do easy edit to the MXF files before conversion.



6. Click convert button to start transcoding MXF to WMV format for premiere.


Now I think you have known how to transcode Canon/Sony/Panasonic MXF files to Adobe Premiere for editing, just follow the steps above and have a try, you can also refer to MXF column or MXF to FCP guide to know more about MXF application.

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