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P2 Current Camera Range and P2 MXF Dealing Approaches

P2 camera has won its reputation for good shooting quality and powerful function, which make the rank the first choice for videographers. But the P2 MXF files always do some triky things for not very frinedly under most situations. Here we will refer to several P2 camera and how to make P2 MXF available for playing and edting.

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Part I: Brief introduction of P2 cameras

Shoulder Mount Models Handheld models


AG-HPX170 (NTSC version)
AG-HPX171 (European version)

Handheld models

AG-HPX170 (NTSC version)
- Compact, Lightweight HD/SD Camera-Recorder
- 13x zoom lens with 28mm wide-angle

AG-HPX171 (European version)
- Compact, Lightweight HD/SD Camera-Recorder
- 13x zoom lens with 28mm wide-angle
- Improved ergonomics, features and image quality compared to its predecessor

- Progressive native 16:9 HD 3CCD imaging system
- HD quality Leica Dicomar wide-angle zoom lens
- Progressive modes supported

Shoulder Mount Models

- 3 pieces of 1/3-inch MOS image sensor (1920x1080 pixels each)
- Removable 1/3-inch lens
- AVC-Intra 50/100 and DVCPRO HD/50/25 codecs compatible
- Variable Frame Rate
- LCoS viewfinder
- Two P2 slots

- As above but with many improvements

- New 2,2MPx MAICO CMOS sensor with improved sensitivity F11
- Other features as above HPX301

- 3 pieces of 2/3-inch CCD image sensor (960x540 pixels each)
- DVCPRO HD/50/25 codecs compatible
- Variable Frame rate function
- Four P2 slots

- 3 pieces of 2/3-inch CCD image sensor (1 million pixels each)
- DVCPRO HD codecs compatible
- AVC-Intra 50 codec as an option
- Five P2 slots

- One of the new P2 Varicam range
- Variable Frame Rate of 1 frame/s to 60 frame/s
- 10 bit/4:2:2 Recording with Full Sampling
- AVC-Intra codec recording system

- DVCPRO HD/AVC-Intra codecs compatible
- Native 1080p 4:2:2 10-bit
- Newly developed high-resolution 2.2-megapixel CCD

- Super High-End HD Camera-Recorder for Cinema Production , part of the P2 Varicam range
- RGB 4:4:4 and 24PsF Output
- AVC-Intra codec recording system

After that, you may have your own rank list for P2 camera, and in the next part, we will talk a little about the P2 MXF files thing.

Part II: How to make P2 MXF files available for playing and editing?

Here strongly recommend you this all-in-one Pavtube MXF Converter to deal with P2 MXF files. You can load your MXF files from P2 camera easily and then with multiple presets for you to select, no worry about all the parameters setting thing for newbie. What's more, build-in editor can trim,crop, add subtitles, adjust aspect ratio, etc, to make your very own videos for entertainment.

For edting in NLEs like Adobe Premere Pro, you can choose "Adobe Premiere Pro/Sony Ve...">"WMV(VC-1)(*.wmv)" for the most suitable format to go.

For playback on your media player like VLC, you can choose "HD Video">"H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)" for output as H.264 High Profile, which turns out to keep the quality to the largest level.

Then you can adjust your parameters by clicking "Settings" or do the following editing job by clicking "Edit" button. After all have been settled, click this "Convert" button to start your conversion.

After that, find your files by clicking "Open" in the main UI, you will get what you want for P2 MXF files no matter you want to load them into NLEs or playback on media player.

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