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Edit Canon XF100/XF105/XF300/XF305 MXF Footage in Sony Vegas Pro 11

The Vegas Pro 11 collection offers an efficient and intuitive environment for professional audio and video production. This comprehensive suite offers the most robust and progressive platform available for content creation and production. With innovative stereoscopic 3D tools, broad format support, superior video effects processing, unparalleled audio support, and a full complement of editorial features, the Vegas Pro 11 collection delivers everything needed to produce outstanding results. If you are new to Canon XF camcorders, you may have problem to edit Canon XF100/XF105/XF300/XF305 MXF footage in Sony Vegas Pro 11. Look at a user question, "Can Vegas Pro 11 edit MXF files from the Canon XF 100 camcorder? The Canon site lists various compatible editors for this camcorder, but does not list Vegas (it includes Final Cut,Avid etc)."


To answer this question directly, yes, it can. We have an XF100 and an XF 300 camcorder and we just copy the MXF files from the CF cards right to our hard drive and into Vegas. You can use the Canon XF Utility to import clips from the cards into virtual hard drives if you want to retain all the extra camera information (the metadata). If you dislike using the XF Utility, you can try out Pavtube MXF to Sony Vegas Pro 11 Converter and transcode the MXF clips into less compressed MPEG2 for editing. The MPEG2 works great for editing in Vegas. Check a step-by-step instruction on how to convert Canon MXF footage to MPEG2 for Sony Vegas Pro 11.


How to make Canon XF100/XF105/XF300/XF305 MXF footages compatible with Sony Vegas Pro 11 ?

Step 1.Start up Pavtube MXF to MPEG2 Converter for Vegas.

Click "Add video" button to load MXF clips captured by Canon XF100/XF105/XF300/XF305.


Step 2. Choose "MPEG-2 (*.mpg)" as output format from "Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas" profile list.


Step 3.Click "Convert" button to start Canon MXF to Sony Vegas Pro 11 Conversion.

When the conversion is done, click "Open" button to get the generated MPEG-2 .mpg files for editing in Vegas Pro 11.

Import the converted Canon MXF files in .mpg format to Sony Vegas

Follow File > Import > Media... to browse and load the transcoded Canon XF100/XF105/XF300/XF305 footage to Sony Vegas Pro 11 for extending editing.


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