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AVI and Google Nexus 10 - how can I play DivX/Xvid AVI on Nexus 10 with audio/video synchronization?

Google claims the Nexus 10 is the highest resolution tablet on the planet. Its resolution measures 2560x1600 with 300 pixels per inch. Its larger 10-inch screen and higher resolution make the Nexus 10 ideal for watching movies. It’s so wide that when you watch a video you get a much larger image that on the Apple iPad and hardly any black bars above and below the video. The Nexus 10's back cover also has a grip that's good for holding the device when you move it around while you watch movies or play games. The Nexus 10 supports playback a relatively wide range of file types, however, it’s common for users to have problems opening or using an AVI file (DivX or Xvid encoded) with Google Nexus 10 tablet. In this situation, one need to transcode the AVI file to a file format that is friendlier to Nexus 10.

How to convert a DivX/Xvid AVI file to Nexus 10 on Mac?
There is a way to attempt to convert an AVI file to another file type: use a file conversion online service or software program to convert the AVI files to another file format for Nexus 10. A third-party file converter tool such as Pavtube Video Converter for Mac could be very useful.
 Free download Mac Google Nexus 10 Video Converter Trial Version
Note that the free trial version will create video files with PAVTUBE logo standing in the center of the image. If you intend to get rid of the watermark, you need to pay for its full version.  

[How To] Encode AVI file to H.264 MP4 for Nexus 10 on a Mac
(Also read how to transcode AVI to Nexus 10 on a Windows PC)
1. Add DivX/Xvid AVI files
Open up Pavtube Video Converter for Mac as the best AVI to Nexus 10 Converter for Mac. Click “Add video” or “Add from folder” button to load source AVI files stored on your computer’s hard disk drive.

2. Select output format for Nexus 10 tablet
Go to “Format” menu and the scroll down profile list pops up. Move to “Android” and choose “Google Nexus 7 H.264 Video (*.mp4)” as output format for Google Nexus 10.

3. Custom output file quality
You are allowed to click “Settings” button to custom the generated file quality by adjusting video and audio parameters, such as resolution, bit rate, and more. The following table shows the recommended best settings for Google Nexus 10. It’s important to follow these settings to create videos with best video and audio quality for Nexus 10.

Video Audio

Codec: h264
Size: 1920*1080
Bitrate(kbps): 2000
Frame Rate(fps): 24

Codec: aac
Sample Rate(hz): 44100
Bitrate(bps): 128000
Channels: Stereo

4. Convert AVI video to Nexus 10 playable MP4 format
Click “Convert” button to start transforming DivX/Xvid AVI movies to MP4 for Google Nexus 10. When the conversion finished, you can click “Open” button to get the output files and transfer the generated MP4 video to Nexus 10 for playback use.

Some tips for using this Google Nexus 10 AVI Video Converter
1. Trim: You can trim certain duration of your AVI file to convert for playing on Google Nexus 10.
2. Crop: You can crop your video to remove black bars for playing on Google Nexus 10 in full screen.
3. Effect: You can adjust your video effects by setting video contrast, brightness, saturation and adding special effects. 
4. Split: You can split a source AVI file into wanted video clips by specifying file size, clip number, and duration time.

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