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How to Set When Ripping DVD Movies for Prime Playing

It was revealed that the "next-generation Transformer tablet" developed by ASUS will be released soon in November, 2011. This new tablet product will be called Transformer Prime which is said to ship with a quad-core NVIDIA chip, 10-inch display, mini-HDMI port, a 14.5-hour battery, an SD card slot and a top lid. And besides, its 8.3mm thick can be perfect when being carried outside with us. Certainly, just like its name, it'll ship with Android OS as its previous version of Transformer. Some people want to know if Transformer Prime would play DVD movies in an easier way unlike Transformer 1.


Although there is no evidence that Transformer Prime support DVD movies playing or not, according to its configuration information and the first version of Transformer, the Prime is still not able to decode the DVD movies in its built-in video playing function. So, are you ready to accept the Transformer Prime and get DVD movie play on Asus Transformer Prime? Maybe Pavtube DVD Ripper can be helpful. As a excellent DVD to Transformer Prime Ripper on Windows, it can not only help you rip/convert DVD movies to Transformer Prime compatible formats, but also provide snapshot and simple editing function before ripping DVD for Asus Transformer Prime.



You must be interested in how to set the profile settings when ripping DVD movies for Prime playing. Below are some test settings for you to rip DVD to Transformer Prime MP4. The test results are based on the movie The Twilight Sag: Eclipse.


Details of full movie:

Run time of 2hrs 4mins. (namely 124mins)

The Video_TS file on my hard drive was 6.04GB

The decoding with Pavtube DVD Ripper took 1hr 10mins (old computer running XP 1GB of RAM)

The .mp4 file size after using the above settings at 500 video bitrate was 558Mb.


From my test on the 1min 14sec clip (and confirmed by full movie conversion) if I converted at the following bit rates I would have got a file size of:-

500bit movie is 0.07443x60secsx124mins = 554Mb

1000bit movie is 0.1307x60secsx124mins = 972Mb

2000bit movie is 0.1818x60secsx124mins = 1353Mb


The 500bit rate seems fine on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime and at about 0.5GB seems a space saver. If you need a better video quality you can set according to the above and decide the file size. The above are the detail settings for DVD to Asus Transformer Prime MP4 conversion. Hope it can be helpful for you.

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