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Convert VOB Videos to Nook Tablet on Mac

If you are hesitating to decide which tablet PC more worth buying, Amazon Kindle Fire, or Nook Tablet, You may be interested in this article. Both tablets ship a resolution of 1024x600 screens, which decides the text and video performance. But the Nook Tablet's screen is less reflective than Kindle Fire's. In comparison, Nook Tablet seems better in screen display.



When it comes to video playing, Nook Tablet also have a satisfactory video playing ability which supports a lot of video formats playing, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, etc. Many people want to know whether Nook Tablet supports VOB videos playing or not. As we know, VOB is a video format for burning into the DVD movies, and mostly of time we can play VOB videos on Mac with QuickTime player. But for playing VOB videos on Nook Tablet, seldom people know. In order to make sure if Nook Tablet can play VOB videos from DVD disc, I did a simple test.


What I prepared: Some VOB videos that are copied from DVD disc, a USB cable for transporting VOB videos to Nook Tablet and some videos in other formats like MP4, AVI and 3GP.


First, I connected the Nook Tablet to my Mac and then I was able to copy VOB videos to Nook Tablet. After transporting all the video files to the Nook Tablet, I start the media player and take turns to play those videos.


To my surprise, VOB videos are not recognized by the player while other videos can be successfully played on Nook Tablet. When comparing the video playing experience, AVI and 3GP videos are in poor quality while the MP4 videos can be played smoothly with high video quality.


The test suggests that VOB videos are not compatible with Nook Tablet. So we need to convert VOB videos to Nook Tablet on Mac if you want to enjoy VOB movies on Nook Tablet. Then, finding a useful DVD VOB to Nook Tablet Mac video converter is not an easy job because most video converter on Mac can not promise to keep high video quality when converting DVD VOB to Nook Tablet for playing.



After Goggling with the key words of “DVD VOB to Nook Tablet video converter on Mac”, I find Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac and tried it with some VOB videos. Actually the output videos are in a suitable file size with high video quality. The output format I chose was MP4 format from Android >> Nook Color (*.mp4). To Mac convert VOB videos to Nook Tablet, advanced settings should be changed to the suitable ones. Below are my profile settings, hope this guide be helpful.


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