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Play Blu-ray Movie with Samsung BD-C6500-Stream Blu-ray to BD-6500

Samsung BD-C6500 is a powerful BD player that plays your Blu-ray disc and makes it easy to enjoy Blu-ray movies at home. But we can not only regard it as a BD player any more, because it combines HD media player together and allows you play HD videos from external hard drive. And what’s more, the most surprising thing is that with the help of Wi-Fi, it can even accept the videos from NAS or other storage devices work in home network.



So, do you want to have a try to enjoy Blu-ray movies with Samsung BD-C6500 in another way? I mean sometimes you can not find the exact movies from your tons of Blu-ray discs, how can you get the movies you want to play? May be you can try to backup Blu-ray movies to Linux server and stream Blu-ray movies to Samsung BD-C6500 for playing.


Above I mentioned Samsung BD-C6500 can play videos from home network, which means DLNA is used during streaming videos to BD-C6500 player. However, DLNA has its own supported video formats, and Blu-ray movies are not included. So, you need convert Blu-ray movies to DLNA compatible videos for streaming.


Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper for Mac is a useful Mac Blu-ray to Samsung BD-C6500 ripper that allows you rip Blu-ray movies to BD-C6500 on Mac for playing over Ethernet. To get ready for the conversion, you need an external Blu-ray drive to read Blu-ray movies to Mac and a Linux server to restore converted videos as a NAS.


Step 1: Import Blu-ray movie to Pavtube Mac Blu-ray to Samsung BD-C6500 ripper.

Put the Blu-ray disc into the BD drive and then click the import from BD ROM button after launching the program.



Step 2: Choose output format for streaming Blu-ray to BD-C6500.

The DLNA supports many video formats for streaming and playing including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc. Just click the format bar and choose HD Video, the formats in this option are all compatible for streaming to BD-C6500 playing.



Step 3: Start to convert Blu-ray to BD-C6500 HD videos.

Click the convert button and the conversion from Blu-ray to BD-C6500 HD videos will start at once. Please make sure the Mac is connected to the Internet during the whole conversion.


Step 4: Transfer the converted HD videos to Linux server and stream them to Samsung BD-C6500.

Transport the final HD videos to Linux server and then you can run serviio as your server to stream the HD videos to Samsung BD-C6500 playing.

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