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Rip/Convert Blu-ray to MKV 1080p with AC3 5.1 Audio for WD TV Live Plus

Do you want to watch HD Blu-ray movies with your HD media player? Besides playing Blu-ray movies with a BDROM Player, now you can have another choice to enjoy HD Blu-ray movies at home. It is HD media player that can rescue you from BDROM Player, and make it easier to enjoy HD videos. A typical HD media player is WD TV Live Plus.



With 3.94x4.94x1.57 inches size, the WD TV Live Plus is similar to its predecessor (the WD TV Live). Both of them perform well with your entertainment center and make it easier to transfer and play videos with a few cables. An HDMI can help you stream and transfer HD videos to your HDTV with an amazing speed. Besides, a new added USB port comfort you with more storage place for your videos.


However, many people want to know how to play Blu-ray movies on WD TV Live Plus because WD TV Live Plus does not support directly play Blu-ray movies from Blu-ray disc. I suppose you may try to rip Blu-ray to WD TV Live Plus. We know that Blu-ray ripping job is not an easy job since Blu-ray movie has a so large files size that traditional Blu-ray video converter would take a long time before finishing the conversion.


What a boring job! Is there any perfect Blu-ray to WD TV Live plus Ripper that rip Blu-ray movies to WD TV Live Plus with a short time? Here I recommend Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper as this perfect Blu-ray to WD TV Live Plus ripper and with it you can rip Blu-ray to 1080p MKV for WD TV Live Plus playing.


To convert Blu-ray movies to 1080p MKV, you can follow below steps to learn the details about it.


Before we start you’d better download Blu-ray to 1080p MKV Converter and install it to your PC which works on Windows XP/2000/Vista/7. Then, put Blu-ray disc into the BD ROM and launch the program at once.


Step 1. Click Add from BD ROM button to load Blu-ray movies and select the main movie for ripping.


Step 2. Select preferred language from and output format. You can choose language with Subtitle and audio button under the file list. Then, click “Format” bar and select “HD Video>> “MKV HD Video (*.mkv)” format.



Step 3. The format keeps original video resolution (1920x1080 for Blu-ray) while shrinking a movie to 2-3GB. To further compress movie file size you can click “Settings” and set video bitrate to 1000-2000kbps. Besides, you can choose keep 5.1 channels and output with AC3 audio codec video.



Step 4. Click “Convert” to rip Blu-ray movie to 1080p MKV with AC3 and 5.1 channels kept. When conversion completes click the "Open" button to find the converted .mkv movies and transfer the movies to WD TV Live Plus with mobile HDD or stream Blu-ray movies to WD TV Live Plus with DLNA.

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