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How to Make DVD Movie Source Code be Played on iPhone 4S?

With the development of film and all the technologies that are combined with film, people are no longer limited to enjoy films or movies in the cinema. There are lots of new ways and media to have fun through enjoying the movies. And DVD is one of the most widely applied media to restore video data from movies. Although Blu-ray disc has been developed in recent years and it has taken the place of DVD disc to be the most powerful video storage media, some DVD Player users would prefer continuing using DVD player rather than purchasing a new Blu-ray player.


So, there are still many DVD users all over the world until Blu-ray disc has completely taken the place of DVD disc one day. And before then, DVD movie is also popular with its low price. Lately, a new movie comes before us and makes a deal of movie lovers to pay attention to it. That is Source Code.



Source Code is about conspiracies, altered minds and altered states, far-fetched in the most elegant and Hitchcockian way and the sheer outrageousness of it all are muscular and streamlined. It is about modified reality and inner space, but the world of Source Code seems to me more interesting, and more able to incubate real drama, real suspense and even some real humor.


And for DVD movie lovers, how to convert or rip DVD movies to iPhone 4S compatible formats is the most troublesome problem. Personally, I recommend Pavtube DVD Ripper as the best Source Code DVD movie to iPhone 4S converter. Below is the simple steps to show how to make DVD movies smoothly be played on iPhone 4S.


First, download and install Pavtube DVD Ripper and launch it soon after the installation is finished. You will be faced with the main interface of the program. Then, how to import DVD movies to it is the problem remains to be solved. If your DVD movies have been copied to your PC hard drive, you can import them by clicking the add DVD folder button and choose the whole DVD file folder to import. And if you only have the DVD disc and want to get the videos on it, you can put the disc in DVD ROM and click add from DVD ROM button to read and import DVD movies on the disc.



Then, the next step is to choose the output video format for you DVD movies. Just click the format bar under the file list tab and find iPhone output option, then choose iPhone 4 MP4 for output format since iPhone 4S is similar with iPhone 4 in screen resolution and video decoder.



Eventually, just click the convert button to start the conversion from DVD movies to iPhone 4S MP4. It only takes several minutes to wait for the conversion finished. Certainly, how much time it takes during the conversion depends on the size of your movie. Then, transporting the converted Source Code video to iPhone 4S is easy. Just connect the iPhone 4S to PC and use iTunes to synchronize folder between PC and iPhone 4S. In fact, if you like, just opening your Bluetooth to transport the video files is a wise choice.


After doing the steps above, you can freely enjoy Source Code DVD movie on your iPhone 4S whenever and wherever you like.

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