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Sony M2TS to Windows Movie Maker Converter

Sony camcorders are very excellent and popular in the market, Sony HDR series camcorders are hot products in the camera field. You may have got a camcorder to record HD videos and take photos, it’s wonderful for you to take vivid images and videos with Sony camcorder.


After recording many videos in weekends or holidays, you may have the need to edit Sony camcorder recorded videos in Windows Movie Maker. Most Sony cameras and camcorders recorded videos are in AVCHD MTS/M2TS format, this format is not well supported by many editing software like Windows Movie Maker, you may encounter importing, codec, bitrate, frame rate and other limitations when you want to edit Sony M2TS in Windows Movie Maker.


In this case, you need a Sony M2TS to Windows Movie Maker converter to transcode Sony M2TS videos to Windows Movie Maker best supported video format, like WMV. Below is a guide for you which shows M2TS to Windows Movie Maker converter to convert MTS/M2TS to WMV for Windows Movie Maker editing.


1. Install Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter, this software can help you convert Sony M2TS to Windows Movie Maker, or MTS to Windows Movie Maker. Supported camcorders include HDR-CX11E, HDR-CX155, HDR-CX150, HDR-CX100, HDR-SR1, and other all Sony/Panasonic recording M2TS cameras and camcorders.



2. Import MTS/M2TS footages to the Sony M2TS to Windows Movie Maker converter.


3. Click format bar to choose format for use in Windows Movie Maker, choose Adobe Premiere -> WMV (VC-1) (*.wmv).



4. You can also click “settings” to adjust the resolution, bitrate, codec and other parameters before you convert Sony MTS/M2TS to Windows Movie Maker.



5. Click “convert” button to start transcoding SONY M2TS for Windows Movie Maker.


Pavtube Sony AVCHD to Windows Movie Maker converter can help you convert recorded MTS/M2TS files with high video quality, you can convert HDR-CX11E to Windows Movie Maker, HDR-CX155 to Windows Movie Maker, HDR-CX150 to Windows Movie Maker, HDR-CX100 to Windows Movie Maker, HDR-SR1 to Windows Movie Maker, etc. just follow the steps and have a try.  

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