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How to rip Avatar and include English subtitles for

blu-ray avatar forced subtitles

Avatar blu-ray ripping- subtitles or no subtitles, that is the question

“When I back up the blu-ray disk Avatar to a TS file, I do not want "subtitles" - English explanations of what is happening in the film, but I do want to include these Navi to English translations. How would I go about doing that?”

That’s a common problem we encounter when ripping blu-ray movies like Avatar and 2012: you do not want the English subtitle (when they speak English), and you do not want to lose the English translations when a foreign language (e.g. Navi) is spoken. Any solution for this? Yes, the Forced Subtitle option is added to commercial movies for this purpose.

What are Forced subtitles? How to extract Forced subtitles only when ripping blu-ray Avatar to hard drive?

Forced subtitles are subtitles that included in commercial Blu-ray and partial DVD movies so as to provide a better visual experience to display the characters when a foreign or alien language is spoken, a sign, flag or other text in the scene is in different language.

Is there any blu-ray ripping software that handles the English subtitles in Avatar only when the Navi are speaking? Yes. The Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper can extract subtitles from blu-ray discs and DVDs for you. With an “Only show forced subtitle” option, the Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper allows users to create videos with subtitle for “Navi” only when ripping the blu-ray Avatar to MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, TS, MOV, M4V, etc.

Blu-ray movie ripping- no subtitle, English/French Subtitle, and Forced Subtitle

Avatar movie without subtitle (no subtitle at all for the full length movie):

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Avatar movie with English Subtitle (English subtitle is printed for the full length movie):

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Avatar movie with English Forced Subtitle (English subtitle is included only Navi language is spoken):

blu-ray avatar with forced subtitles

How to rip Avatar with Forced Subtitles using Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper?

Click BD/DVD ROM to load Avatar blu-ray movies to Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper, check the chapters you want to rip, and set Forced subtitles for each chapter follow this way: specify a language as your English in “Subtitle” pull-down list, and check “Only show force subtitle” before converting Avatar to hard drive. When “Only show Force Subtitle” is checked, the subtitle appears on the screen only when foreign languages (i.e. Navi) other than English are spoken.

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