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How to Set DVD Digital Copy to Thrive Conversion

Since the film was first developed, it has changed our life in all respects. For example, we can enjoy films or movies in the cinema as well as at home with a suit of home theater devices. And comes with the film, a variety of movie digital products appear in the market which allow people enjoy films or movies in different places and scenes. These products lead us to a new digital period and bring movies from cinema to your home, your notebook or even to your pocket. Tablet PC is a typical one of products which allow you take movies with you in your small bag.



Toshiba Thrive is not the first tablet PC, but it has been one of the most popular tablet PCs all over the world. It results that many people want to know how to make a digital copy of a DVD and how to enjoy DVD copy movies on Thrive. Maybe these people are part of DVD movie lovers and they don’t have much time to enjoy movies in TV. Having learnt this, Pavtube Studio developed a useful DVD digital copy to Thrive converter which helps you convert DVD digital copy WMV for Thrive playing. Besides, other digital copy formats are supported as well. However, during the converting process, many people have problems that require to be solved.


Problem one: Which format is more compatible with Toshiba Thrive playing?

It proves that MP4 format is the most suitable format for playing on tablet PC like Toshiba Thrive. Pavtube ChewTune offers all kinds of output formats for you to choose from. Among them, the H.264 Video in MP4 format is the best one for Thrive playing with high video quality and smooth playing experience. DVD digital movie copy to MP4 conversion is also a time-saving project.



Problem two: How to set DVD digital copy to Thrive conversion?

For many Thrive users, it is not convenient to transfer a large size movie for playing on Thrive. The restore capacity is limited and besides, it will take much time to wait for the transportation finished. So, a movie with a small size and a high video quality is necessary. Pavtube ChewTune allows you set the profiles to match your devices’ playing. If you are trying to convert WMV to H.264 MP4, I recommend you set 1280x720size, 2500bitrate and 30 frames rate.



After all the settings have been changed to the most suitable ones, you can click to export your converted DVD digital copy movies for playing on your Thrive. Hope this guide will be helpful.

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