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The Hottest Android games for Kindle Fire HD: the 10 Best Kindle Fire HD Games

There are some fantastic games available for Android: Dead Trigger, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto III, Heroes Call THD, Oscura…. The list goes on, and as long as a tablet isn't your only gaming device, you probably won't exhaust the selection. What are the hottest Android games for Kindle Fire HD? We played a slew of them to pick out the best 10 games for Kindle. Here is the list.

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#1: Where's My Perry? Free
Where’s My Perry is a challenging physics-based puzzler where you need to use water in all its different forms, ice, steam and liquid, to solve the puzzle. Overflowing with intuitive controls, vibrant spy-themed graphics, and best of all, lasers, you will be immersed in the world of Agent P!

#2: Where's My Water? Free

All poor Swampy the Alligator wants to do is take a refreshing shower in his lair beneath the city. Is that so wrong? Unfortunately, his water supply has been blocked by a variety of pesky obstacles. Your job is to carve a path that will deliver Swampy the precious liquid he needs in the entertaining Disney game Where's My Water?

#3: Air Patriots - Free

In Air Patriots, you draw tracks so your planes can strafe lines of approaching tanks before the tanks can cross the board. Various maps and unit types keep things fresh as you advance. Graphics look sharp and the game plays smoothly on both high and low-res Kindles. With elements of Flight Control, Zuma, and "tower defense" games, Air Patriots is enhanced by heavy use of GameCircle, including achievements and cross-device syncing.

#4: Kids Doodle - Movie Kids Drawing - Free

The Kids Doodle app is a very entertaining kids painting application for young children to freely doodle on an Android device. This Kids Doodle app is tailored specifically for kids and is easy to use. For an older child or an adult who may enjoy a more advanced drawing app, please consider the Paint Joy app, which was designed for teenagers and adults. Paint Joy supports more than 15 brushes, an intuitive brush picker to select brush type and size, and an intuitive color picker. Paint Joy is also available on the Amazon App Store.

#5: Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II Lite – Free

Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new evil, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him save the day! Now joined by Tails, race across four brand new Zones and take down fearsome new badniks with deadly combination moves in order to put an end to this dastardly duo’s plans!

#6: Diner Dash (Kindle Tablet Edition) - Free

The worldwide hit Diner Dash makes its debut on Android for the very first time! Build your restaurant empire in this chart-topping game of speed and savvy.

You Go, Flo!
Help Flo, a spunky entrepreneur, grow her signature diner from a greasy spoon to a five-star joint. Delight eager customers by seating, serving, and clearing tables quickly to earn big tips. Soothe impatient guests before they get angry and skip out on the bill. Tap and slide your way to the top of the restaurant ladder in this worldwide hit game!

#7: Angry Birds Star Wars Premium HD (Kindle Tablet Edition)
Price: $2.99  

The latest in the Angry Birds franchise uses a lot of licensed Star Wars images and content, with gameplay using elements of traditional Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space. New birds include some with zapping and disintegrating powers. The HD version has crystal-clear graphics on the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

#8: Minecraft - Pocket Edition
Price: $6.99

Is Minecraft a game or a cult? It certainly has a vast, passionate following for its open form of gameplay, where you build a functioning world out of primitive blocks. The Android version of Minecraft is now available for the Kindle Fire, and while it isn't quite as big or complex as the PC and XBox 360 versions, it's still satisfying enough for some casual building fun.

#9: Symphony of Eternity
Price: $2.99

In this epic RPG, you follow the adventures of a gallant young man and his golem companion as they roam the world in search of a legendary weapon. One day the pair rescues a solitary girl from a band of bloodthirsty monsters. Explaining that she is of royal blood and the sole survivor of a treacherous palace coup, the mysterious princess opts to join her rescuers on their journey for the magic weapon.

Discover how their destinies are intertwined.

#10: Quell Reflect
Price: $0.99

An entrancing, soothing puzzle game, Quell Reflect takes full advantage of Amazon GameCircle with a ton of amusing little achievements along the way. This game really takes you out of your day-to-day grind, thanks to its soothing soundtrack and beautiful pastel colors, as you try to maneuver a raindrop to grab little pearls in the fewest possible turns.  

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