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Remove DRM and Convert Digital Copy to Kindle Fire

Does digital copy really make sense to us? It's supposed to be a solution for watching your movies on your portable media player, and has been promoted as the legal alternative to ripping and encoding movies at home. But does it worth the trouble while the movie is restricted to ONE transfer to computer and won’t even be played on any portable devices except iPad, iPhone and iPod? Or is the Blu-ray/DVD digital copy only a good experience for iOS devices users? What if I wanna take movies on the road with an Android tablet, say Kindle Fire? The new release Pavtube ChewTune software, in that case, could be a lifesaver.


The small DRM-removal toolkit is simple and easy to understand- you drag and drop digital copy movie (DRM-protected) to it, set an optimized format for your device, and give it one more click to export FREE videos that can be used without any limitations. If you're worried about making sure ChewTune has the proper format for your new mobile device, no need to sweat it because ChewTune has all kinds of format possibilities to choose from. From Android and PSP/PS3 to Blackberry and Windows Mobile, your specific format need is just a click away. Refer to below a short guide of converting digital copy movie to free Kindle Fire videos.


Guide: Convert Digital Copy for playback on Kindle Fire

In order to convert digital copy to Kindle Fire video, you need to transfer digital copy to computer and have ChewTune pre-installed. You can download a ChewTune trial or purchase ChewTune ($29) and use it as DRM video converter, since it also work with iTunes movies, TV shows and purchased Windows media. Here’re basic workflow.



Step 1. Run ChewTune, drag and drop digital copy movie to the software.


Step 2. Select an Android friendly format, e.g. H.264 .mp4 for conversion. There are optimized format for Galaxy Tab, Xoom, HP Touch Pad, Acer Iconia Tab, Eee Pad Transformer etc. Considering that Kindle Fire has not much storage, the “Android”>> “Nook Tablet Video (*.mp4)” is a nice choice, as it creates 1GB MP4 from a 90min digital copy movie.


Step 3. Click the big Convert button to convert Digital Copy to Kindle Fire supported videos. After conversion you simply click the “Open” button to find converted digital copy movies and put them to Kindle Fire.   


Many digital copies can be transferred either into protected .wmv or .m4v format. If you get used to transfer digital copy to M4V format and enjoy them with iTunes, you also need to set iTunes not remember playback position before conversion starts. If you’d like to use ChewTune on a Mac computer, pick up its Mac version instead.

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