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Rip/transfer BD movies to 720p MP4 for iPod touch 4G

720p mp4 movies for ipod touch


With remarkable 960*640 resolution, everything you see and do on iPod touch looks even more incredible, especially when watching 720p mp4 movies. However, due to copy protection and format restriction issues, users are unable to put bluray movies on iPod touch for free entertainment via iTunes. The following guide is going to elaborate how to create 720p mp4 movies for iPod touch from commercial Blu-ray movies by using the best bluray ripping software-Pavtube Blu-ray disc Ripper.


Step-by-step instruction

720p MP4 movies for iPod Touch – how to rip/transfer BD movies to 720p MP4 for iPod Touch 4G?


Step 1: Free download Pavtube Blu-ray disc Ripper, install and run it

Once run the program, you can click the Blu-ray disc icon or the Blu-ray folder icon at the top-left corner of the main interface to load Blu-ray movie files. All titles in a BD movie are checked by default when loading, if you wanna convert movies to ipod touch with main title only, you can right click on the main title to “Uncheck All” firstly, and then tick off the “Main Title” only.


rip/transfer bd movies to 720p mp4 for ipod touch 4g


Step 2: Select output format for iPod touch 4G

Besides creating 720p mp4 movies for ipod touch, the Blu-ray disc Ripper can also output 720P MP4 for iPad, Apple TV, and iPhone 4. To select output format for your Apple devices, you can click on the dropdown menu of “Format”, and then follow “HD Video” > “H.264 HD Video (*.mp4)”.


put bluray movies on ipod touch


Step 3: Adjust video and audio parameters

Pavtube Blu-ray disc Ripper allows users clicking “Settings” button to adjust video and audio parameters, including codec, size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channels. The output file size will be enlarged if you adjust the figures to be larger, and the file quality will be improved as well. On the contrary, if you adjust the values to be smaller, the output file size will be downsized, but accompanying with inferior output quality. Do remember setting the file size to 1280*720 to create 720p mp4 movies for ipod touch.


convert movies to ipod touch


Step 4: Rip/transfer BD movies to 720p MP4 for iPod touch 4G

Click “Convert” button to start converting movies to iPod touch. When the conversion is done, click “Open” button to get the resulted 720p MP4 for iPod touch 4G.


Additional Tips:


1. Pavtube Blu-ray disc Ripper adopts advanced audio and video sync technology, which will never let your video and audio go in separate ways.

2. This program optimizes its conversion speed with GPU acceleration in the availability of NVIDIA CUDA graphics card.

3. Its trim and crop functions allow users selecting the proper duration time of Blu-ray videos to convert for iPod touch 4G, as well as cutting off any unwanted areas and black bars.

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