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3 tricks to watch Blu-ray movie on HDTV DVD Combo without BD player

HDTV DVD Combos makes home theatre entertaining more exciting than ever. The built-in DVD player erases the clutter from extra cables and components, and the digital tuner ensures that you'll be ready for the digital TV transition. You could enjoy Blu-ray movie with the Combo as well, as long as you have a Blu-ray disc player connected with it. But what if you do not have a BD player? NO worry about it. In the following guide I’d like to share with you some solutions for enjoying Blu-ray movie on the HDTV DVD Combo going without a BD player.

The first method comes with a PC. As most TV DVD Combos have PC Inputs that allow you to connect the TV to your PC for use as a computer monitor, an effective way is to rip Blu-ray movies off to PC (with ripping app like Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper), and watch the movies on your TV DVD combo by connecting it with the PC.

The second method is similar with the first one. It works only if your TV DVD Combo has a USB input for for video, audio and pictures. Simply rip the desired Blu-ray movies on PC and transfer them to a USB flash drive/memory stick, plug it into the USB port on you TV DVD Combo and play the movie from the USB flash drive/ memory stick.

The third method is much complicated but more reliable---ripping and burning Blu-ray movie to DVD, then play it with standard DVD player. Since Blu-ray movie takes much more space than standard DVD, Blu-ray ripper is required for ripping and compressing the movie. You just convert BD to a DVD format, and then burn it to a blank DVD for playback on the TV/DVD Combo. Here you may use Blu-ray ripper to rip the Blu-ray movie to hard drive, ReJig to complete DVD authoring, and ImgBurn to burn DVD. By the way, a DVD writer is required as well.

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