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3 ways for enriching the movie library of your iPad Generation 2/White iPad

Software applications make iPad two devices ideal for processing personal films and photos at maximum resolution. Now the question is, how to get our favorite movies into iPad 2 movie library? Yeah, you might rent movies from iTunes Store but, is there anything better than free movie resource? The guide introduces 3 ways for enriching iPad Gen 2 movie library- free. If you are planning to travel with iPad 2nd Gen and feel like watching some movies when on board, this guide is right for you. Find details below.


3 ways enriching your iPad 2 movie library:


1. Get movie resource from video hosting site (YouTube, Hulu, etc)

There are thousands of video hosting website and millions of movies. Why not make them your free iPad 2 movie resource? Blocked? All right, try Pavtube YouTube Converter then. The software auto detects the download link of any web video that you’re playing and is capable of downloading them to your hard drive. Further more, it converts downloaded MP4 and FLV video to iPad 2 optimized videos out of the box! You might have tried tons of similar FLV downloader software that claim to download videos from YouTube and Hulu but actually do nothing. But this one is different and worth trying, you bet.


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Trial: Pavtube YouTube Converter


2. Convert TV shows and video collections to iPad 2 movies

Suppose you are a movie fan and have much video collections, just transfer the movies to the white iPad via iTunes 10. The whole process is as easy as wink. In case of unacceptable file format, use Pavtube Video Converter to transcode videos to iPad Gen 2 supported formats-MPEG and H.264 MOV, MP4 and N4V. TV shows can be converted to iPad movies too. The software converts TS, TiVo, MTS, M2TS, AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG video in both HD and SD quality and features with presets format for iPad Generation 2.


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3. Rip DVD and Blu-ray Disc movie to iPad 2 Gen.

Movie industry- suck it. Why should they prevent us from viewing the content that we PAID FOR on all of our devices? If you’ve had enough with the copy-protections of DVD and Blu-ray movies, try Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper, which jailbreaks these encryptions for watching movies in the way you want- on iPad 2, HTPC or whatever. This iPad 2 Gen movie converter software allows for selection of subtitles and audio language when ripping DVD and Blu-ray Disc movie to iPad iPad Generation 2.


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Trial: Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper


Note: The free trials convert video with a Pavtube watermark on the screen.

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