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How to download and convert videos/ TV shows from video sharing websites with Youtube Converter?

Pavtube Youtube Converter consists of three interfaces, the Video Detector, Video Downloader and Video Converter. In Video Detector you start with browsing and previewing online videos, in Downloader you manage downloading progress and sources, in Converter you convert local videos and audios to popular video and audio formats to fit for your devices and meet your needs.

If you want to download favorable video file or TV shows from certain video hosting website, the guide below gives you a general idea of how to download, play, and convert online videos with Youtube Converter.

  1. Input the URL of desired website in the address bar, click ‘Go’ button  and the browser will jump to desired page.

  1. When you choose a video or flash and play, the URL of current playing video is detected and listed out.
  2. Select the video you would like to download in the Detected URL List.
  3. Click Download button  (or double-click the selected file).
  4. Now a New Download window pops up and you need to configure download settings in the window. Input a desired name in ‘Save as’ box, click ‘Browse’ and specify a folder where you would like to save the video and determine to put it to ‘Movie’ or ‘Music’ sort under ‘Library’. Now check the box of ‘Convert to video’, click ‘Convert to’ bar to select desired output format, set output folder in ‘Dest folder’ box, rename the file in ‘File name’ box. In case that multiple files are selected to be downloaded, and you’d prefer to apply the same settings, you may check the box of ‘Other Task Use the Same Preference’. Finally click ‘OK’ to confirm your configuration.

Tip: To further customize the output format for converting, please click ‘Settings’ button to enter Profile window in which you are allowed to set video codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, audio codec, sampling rate, bit rate, channels.

  1. Once you click ‘OK’ to confirm, the Downloader starts to work. You could click ‘Stop’ to cease downloading and ‘Delete’ to cancel this task when the file is downloading, File name, size, completed time and view log are displayed in task list for your reference.

  1. Wait till the task completes and a Complete prompt box show as follow. The Complete prompt box indicates successful download of selected video file. Click ‘Open’ button to open downloaded video file, ‘Explorer’ to open the folder where it saved, ‘Close’ to close the prompt box. If you check ‘Never show again’, this box will never appear again.

Tip: To find downloaded files, you could check it in file list and click ‘Locate’ button.

  1. You may also click ‘Downloaded’ and find the video in file list, select it and click ‘Play’ button of the toolbar to watch the downloaded video.
  2. The conversion starts after downloading completes. You can switch to ‘Converter’ to check task information. After the conversion you may click ‘Locate’ to find converted video or ‘Play’ to view it.