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How to Edit Fraps video in GoPro Studio

Game players like to record video on Fraps which is an excellent screen-recorder program for gamers. Most users want to edit the Fraps video in GoPro Studio, but the first step: Import Fraps video to GoPro Studio is so hard, because the Fraps video is AVI video formats which is not supported by GoPro Studio, in addition, AVI video capacity is bigger than other video formats. So you have to find another way to solve this issue.

No doubt, convert Fraps video to GoPro Studio supported video format: MP4 or MOV is the best option. There are many Fraps video converter software on the market, it's hard to define which one is the best. You amy consider the video stability, video running speed, output video quality and so on. Are you ar a loss? If you have not made the finial decision, following will introduce one perfect Fraps video converter for you.

Professional Fraps Video Converter for Editing Fraps Video in GoPro Studio

Choose a professional Fraps video converter is a wise decision which can help you to convert Fraps video to GoPro Studio quickly and smoothly, here, Pavtube Video Converter (review) is the dream Fraps video converter you are searching, this software can provide the reliable serve support, no any vicious advertisements and user-friendly. Best of all, For Mac user, Pavtube Video Converter for Mac (review) version is ready for users. 

This software can support multiple video input, such as: AVI, H.265, MOV, WMV, FLV, etc. User can import and convert Fraps video to any video formats that GoPro Studio can support, such as: MP4, MOV. In addition, you can choose HD MP4, 3D MP4, so cool.

That's the whole story of this Fraps video converter? No, you can have more options, not only the GoPro Studio, other NLE programme, like: FCP, iMovie, Sony Vegas, etc. With this software, you won't be down, and edit Fraps video in these software happily. Big surprise: You can adjust the video every parameter, such as: video codec, audio codec, video resolution, video frame, etc.

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Convert Fraps video to GoPro Studio Supported Video Format

Step 1. Load Fraps Video

For beginner, you can download the Trial version for test which is free, but there is watermark on video. If you care this problem, you can buy the official version. After the easy installation, open this software on PC, click "File" > "Add Video/Audio", you can import Fraps video to it.

TIP: You can add a folder into this software which hold many Fraps videos, you can do batch video conversion which can save much time and energy.

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Step 2. Choose Fraps video to GoPro Studio Supported Format

Click "Format" , at the format list, you can choose MP4 video formats from "Common Video" or HD MP4 from "HD Video" which can provide the high 1080p video quality. If you like 3D video, you can convert Fraps video to 3D MP4 from "3D Video", here, you can choose Side-by-Side 3D, Top-Bottom 3D, Anaglyph 3D effect. MP4 can take huge amount of memory on your computer.


TIP: Click "Setting" to set the video and audio related parameters, for example: MP4 video, you can change the video resolution from 1920*1080 to 1280*720, also you can choose original setting, at the same time, other settings are decided by you.


Step 3. Start Fraps video to GoPro Studio Video Conversion

Finial step is exciting, go back to the main interface and click "Convert" to start the magic Fraps video to GoPro Studio supported video format conversion, the video conversion is fast, just after few minutes, you can get the perfect converted Fraps video

After you get the converted Fraps video, you can import and edit video in GoPro Studio smoothly. When you are using the software nad meet any trouble, you can contact the service people, good luck to you.

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