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How to Download 4K Movie Torrents?

Even though TVs with 4K/Ultra high-definition resolution have been available for a couple of years now, there still aren't a lot of actual 4K TV shows and movies available. Aside from YouTube, 4K today mostly consists of original TV series streaming from Netflix and Amazon. The good news is that various torrent sites are providing free 4K torrent download. The following article will show you how to download 4K torrent movies, TV shows and videos.

Part 1: Available Movie/TV Shows/Videos 4K Torrent for download

As we stated above, the currently available 4K content is very limited so are the 4K Torrents. The fact is that most available Torrent 4K video are 4K porn videos and adult contents. To satisfy the entertainment demand for common users, the following part has listed a few TV shows/movie 4K Torrents for you to download.

4K Movie Torrents

Monkey King: Hero Is Back (2015)- 4.4GB
TimeScapes: The Movie (2012)- 21.22GB
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)- 45.8GB
Earth Timelapses (2014)- 833.93GB

4K Torrent TV Shows

The Man In the High Castle - 1.71GB/ Episode
Marvels Daredevil- 1.57 GB/ Episode
Better Call Saul- 1.41 GB/ Episode
Marvel's Jessica Jones- 1.54 GB/ Episode

Part 2: Sites that offer 4K Video/Movie Torrent downloads

Although there are various torrent sites to download 4K Torrents, however, the sites that allows you to download 4K 2160P Torrent contents will be largely narrow down. The following part has listed a few famous Torrent sites that you can download different types of Torrent 4K movies/tv shows/videos.

2160p 4K TV Shows/Movie Torrent download: You can download porn Torrents in 4K 2160p on most famous Torrent sites such as Kickass Torrents and Torrentz. In case of Kickass Torrents blocks, check the solution to unblock Kickass for 4k torrent download.

Adult 4K content download: It would be much easier to download sex-oriented 4K Torrents. Apart from Kickass and Torrentz, there are also other popular Torrent sites such as ExtraTorrent, IsoHunt.to, RarBG etc are providing free 4K porn torrents download.

Tips when downloading 4K content from Torrent sites

Before navigate to Torrent sites to download 4K Torrent movies, TV shows or videos, it would be ideal for you to take the following facts into consideration:

1. The downloaded 4K torrents movie/video/software is usually embedded with various virus, adware, malware which may infect your computer.

2. The downloaded 4K Torrent video or movies can be very large in size, it would be sensible for you to transfer and store the downloaded the 4K movie Torrents on your mobile devices such as Smartphone or tablets. In addition, downloading 4K Torrent will need massive bandwidth.

3. The downloaded Torrent Movies/TV Shows/Videos are usually in the formats of MKV or MP4, which may not accepted by some common media player software installed on your desktop or mobile devices.

Part 3: Convert/Compress Torrent 4K for better playing and sharing

As we mentioned above, the downloaded Torrent 4K is too large in size, in addition, the format used by Torrent 4K has poor compatibility with many popular devices and applications. To get full entertainment of downloaded Torrent 4K content on your computer, devices, game console, TVs, etc, you can download a Torrent 4K assistant - Pavtube Video Converter. The program has full support for all downloaded Torrent 4K video/movie/TV shows in various different file format such as MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. You can easily convert Torrent 4K to any of your desired digital file formats with the format of AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, WebM, 3GP, H.264, H.265, etc. You can also use our program to direct produce smartphone, tablet, game consoles, TVs or video editing software preset profile parameters with the optimal playing and editing settings.

This 4K Video Converter is available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7, in addition, it is also accompanied by an up-to-date Mac version - Pavtube Video Converter for Mac for macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan, Mac OS X Yosemite, Mac OS X Mavericks, etc. The program supports batch conversion mode, so that you can load multiple 4K Torrent video into the application for conversion at one time. What's more, the program supports to produce high quality results, there is no difference between the final output video quality and the original source video.

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