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10 Quick AVI Cutter to Cut AVI Files without Quality Loss

Recently you get a AVI video file which is perfect, apart from a few parts you don't want. You want to cut some clips for better, or you want to cut a piece of it as another AVI file. We all want to cut a video without any loss in quality and with fast speed. A quick AVI Cutter can help you to cut AVI files without quality loss, if you are searching for the one AVI Cutter, we have taken into consideration the following basic requirements and recommend you 10 quick AVI Cutter, hope you can find your desired AVI Cutter.

Ease of use: This feature is important, especially for AVI Cutter beginner, the convenient and precise selections, cutting out or trimming choices, keyboard shortcuts can help you to master the software quickly.

Performance: A good AVI Cutter can run fast and accurate results without re-encoding videos unnecessarily.

Input formats: AVI is a video container, an excellent AVI Cutter can support all the AVI video files, also can support other video formats effortlessly, the more the better.

Editing Features: Most AVI Cutter not only can support to cut the AVI video, also allows you to split, join or trim videos at will.

Best and Quick AVI Cutter to Cut AVI Files without Quality Loss

From the constant data, test and users' feedback, we have found the true AVI Cutter hero: Pavtube Video Converter, easy to use, friendly interface, high stability attract many users, you can import the AVI video files by draging video file to it, also can load multiple AVI video files at the same time. This software is not only a simple AVI cutter, you can use it as a AVI joiner or AVI converter, you can merge some clips to on AVI file also can convert AVI to any video formats you want. This software supports multiple video input and output, like: AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, etc, best of all, you can get the video without loss of video quality. Can't wait to try? Keep going!


First, you can download this AVI Cutter from above link, you can try the Trial version, whcih is free, this software installation is easy, just download the exe file and follow the guide, within 3 minutes, you can get a perfect AVI Cutter, open it and dreag the AVI video file to the left window, at the right window, you can preview the video smoothly.

best avi cutter

After the video loading, you can click Format and choose the output video formats you want, if not, you can enter the video editing window quickly by clicking the pen icon at the top of the window. Then switch to the "Trim" tab, you can drag the slider bars to include the segment you want to remain, you can adjust the clips you want to keep or cut by clicking the left square bracket to set start point, and clicking the right square bracket to set end point, you can watch the video effect at the preview window.

cut the avi video

Tip: In fact, there are many other video editing features for you, you also can add the subtitles to AVI video for fun, this software allows you to add SRT, SSA, SAS subtitles, if you don't like the music, you can replace and add new music to AVI video file, more features are waiting for you to explore.

After all the tasks are done, you can click OK and quit from the video editing window, go back to the main interface and click Convert button to start to cut the AVI video file. After the process, you can click Open output folder and find the AVI file quickly. If you want to save the AVI file to other devices, you can connect the devices to PC and hit the Browse and choose the save location before the AVI cutting.

Another 9 Quick AVI Cutter to Cut AVI Files without Quality Loss

Except the best AVI Cutter, you can find many other excellent software on the market, they all do the remarkable job, following is the top 9 best and quick AVI Cutter, you cna choose one as your AVI assistant.

#Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate

Mention the AVI Cutter, Free Video DVD Converter Ultimate you can have one which is quality software to cut AVI videos, join AVI videos, trim AVI videos at will. With the multiple video formats support, you not only can load the AVI video, MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, ect 100+ video formats are all acceptable at here.In addition, you can adjust the AVI video parameters, like: video codec, audio codec, video frame, video resolution, etc. Best of all, this software also is an excellent AVI video editing, you can dress up the AVI video by your own need.

#Media Magician

If you choose this software as your AVI Cutter, you are so lucky, this software is a professional AVI Cutter which can trim, split, cut AVI videos on a timeline by accurate frame, you can get the best AVI video files. Also you can take and record some video files from camcorder and load them to this software, Media Magician will be a nice camcorder assistant manager, wond't let you down. After the AVI video cutting, if you want to upload your works to Youtube, here, you can upload video files to YouTube directly. In general, this software is a good choice.

#AVI Cutter

From the software name, we can know that it's a professiaonl AVI Cutter which enables users to split AVI files in a quick and easy manner. This shareware even can let users split large AVI files into smaller files as well as extract selected segments of AVI file and save it as a new file. In addition, it also allows users to adjust subtitles, speed and audio delay. Overall, AVI Cutter is a highly-efficient AVI Cutter with a user-friendly interface.

#Quick AVI Splitter

Quick AVI Splitter is an easy-to-use and powerful tool to split large AVI file into smaller AVI video clips which is the right selection for beginners, this softwrae can suppor all formats of AVI file. Moreover, you can extract manually selected segment of an AVI video file to new AVI video file. For getting the desired AVI video, users can adjust the video frame rate, video frame size, audio formats and audio channel, etc.

#Personal AVI Editor

The Personal AVI Editor stands out due to the video track and audio track, this software can capture audio and video. You can experience the digital effects, when you cut the AVI video, you also can edit the AVI video by fading, wiping and more. With a preview function, you also can preview the video effect.

#AVI Trimmer + MKV 2

This AVI Cutter is a free lossless video editor and perfect AVI Cutter, it's lightweight, smart and easy-to-use. AVI Trimmer+MKV 2 supports AVI, MKV video files well. you can cut off several portions of a AVI video movie at one time. You also can get rid of all commercials in a AVI movie in a couple of simple steps. Best of all, you can maintain original quality and involves no encoding/decoding processes.

#Kate's Video Toolkit

Kate's Video Toolkit is also another perfect AVI Cutter, you can convert AVI video, join AVI video, mix AVI video, you not only can enjoy the powerful features on AVI video, also can load other main popular video formats to it, like: AVI, WMV, MOV, DIVX, ASF, 3GP, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, etc. At the same time, with a built-in-player, you can preview or listen to the file.

#VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is not only a AVI Cutter. also is a fully featured video editor, it is easy to use, even you are a video beginner, you can master it quickly. You not only can cut the AVI video files, also can create your professional quality videos in minute with over 50 visual and transition effects.

#Flash-Integro VSDC Free Video Editor

Flash-Integro in the form of VSDC Free Video Editor is another comprehensive AVI Cutter, you can cut the AVI video and edit the AVI video to your dream video effect. In addition, this software has the ability to export in 4K resolution, capture video from screen, record voice, etc, you can create you own AVI video easily. Of course, you can import other video formats which are supported by this software as well.

Whatever you choose one, you can cut the AVI video happily.Some users may don't know the video split, trim and join well, following tips are helpful for you.

Splitting—To cut a video into smaller pieces for various goal, for example: Extract or copy specific scenes, upload to YouTube. etc.

Trimming—To cut out unwanted sections in video

Joining—To merge video files together, all the clips video formats are must be the same.

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