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Free or Cheap 4K to 1080p Converter is Ready for You

At present, Camera, DJI Drone, iPhone 7 all can shoot the 4K video. However watching and editing 4K video is not so easy, most media players and devices can't support 4K video. Also most users don't want to buy 4K TV with high price. By contrast, 1080p is still the most popular resolution widely used among people, so you can choose to downscale 4K to 1080p with a 4K to 1080p Converter, which not only can save up much of video storage space, also feast your eyes with no aby reduction of quality on other devices.

Realize this idea perfectly, a good 4K to 1080p Converter is important. 4K video storage is huge, some 4k video converter can't handle 4K video well, even you may get a worse 1080p video. A perfect 4K to 1080p Converter can't make much differences between 4K and HD video. Here, Pavtube Video Converter (review) can do the remarkable job, you can refer to the following information and guide to finish a nice 4K to 1080p video conversion.

Why Choose the 4K to 1080p Converter?

*It's free? If you choose and download the Trial version you can enjoy a free 4K to 1080p Converter. But there is watermark on the video which is a little flaw.

*Good and cheap 4K to 1080p: If you care the watermark, you can choose the official version which price is reasonable, in addition, you can enjoy the free update right.

*Multiple HD video formats are preinstalled for you, 4K to 1080P video in AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV and other formats.

*Worry about the quality loss? This 4K to 1080p Converter can output the high HD video quality

*This software allows you to edit video for better playback, such as crop, trim, merge, watermark, rotate, effects and many more.

*Powerful operating system compatibility, Mac users can download the 4K to 1080p Converter for Mac, as good as Windows

How to Convert 4K to 1080p video easily?

Step 1. Free download and install this 4k to 1080p converter

This 4K to 1080p Converter installation is easy, even you are a PC beginner, you can finish it within 3 minutes. Just click the following download link, you can get a .exe file (Mac user will get a .dmg file), you don't uncopmpress this file, open it and click the next, next, next again, then a new and dream 4K to 1080p Converter will appear on you PC.

trial buy

Step 2. Add the 4K videos you need to convert

After the relaxed installation, open the software, the interface is user-friendly, few easy buttons and clean action box. You can click "File" > "Add Video/Audio" to import 4K video to this 4K to 1080p Converter. You also can add the 4K video by dragging. Best of all, you can choose "Add from Folder" to add multiple 4K video files, then you can do batch video conversion which can save much time and energy.

load WMV video

Step 3. Choose 4K to 1080p Video as output

Key step is coming, click "Format" to open the video format list.  This 4K to 1080p Converter provides optimal profiles for various editing programs and media devices, such as: Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc. You can choose them for HD video playback. Here, i suggestion you to choose "H.264 HD Video(.mp4)" from "HD Video", MP4 is supported by most devices.


TIP: When you choose other video formats from different category, you can click "Setting" to adjust the video resolution. Even you have chosen the HD video, you can do this step too. You also can realiaze the HD to SD conversion by changing the video resolution. In addition, other video and audio parameters can be selected too.


Step 4. Start Converting 4K to 1080p videos

Exciting time is coming: Press "Convert" button boldly to begin the 4K to 1080p Video Conversion. Just wait for a while, you can get your desired 1080p video from 4K. Then you can enjoy the video on iPad, iPhone, TV, PC, or share on Youtube, etc.

In fact, this software is easy to do, just 4 clicks, you can compress or convert a huge 4K to 1080p video, this 4K to 1080p Converter also allows you to watch the video at the preview window when you are waiting for the video conversion result. Have a try, i hope you can find more surprise in this software.

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