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Make Poor Compatibility AVI Videos Smoothly Played on iPhone 4S

Sometimes you may be troubled by this problem: some videos can not be smoothly played on your portable devices or even can not be recognized by those devices. What a disappointing thing, does any one know why and can you give some practical suggestions?   


In fact, it is simple. Every video format has its own video codec and audio codec, and every media playing device also has its own video decoding capability, namely, not all of videos can be decoded and played on one device. So, that is the reason why we can not hope to smoothly play all the videos on portable devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod. For example, AVI is a common video container which supports various video and audio codec be put in one AVI video.


Even so, some video codec in AVI container is not so compatible with the device and it leads to the result that the whole video can not smoothly be played. Like iPhone 4S, which has the best video decoding capability of all the mobile phones, some particular AVI videos are not able to be played on it.


The best way to solve this problem is to convert AVI to iPhone 4S compatible format like MP4.

Before starting the conversion, you should pick out those not so compatible AVI videos and put them in one folder in order to be imported. And you should choose a great and useful AVI to iPhone 4S converter, here I recommend Pavtube Video Converter. With this powerful AVI to MP4 converter, you can easily convert your AVI videos to MP4 for smoothly playing on iPhone 4S. Download Pavtube Video Converter, and install it to your PC. Then you are ready to start the conversion.


First, import AVI video files to Video Converter.


Click the add button and browse to choose the folder you have created and select all of those files then click OK to fulfill the importing. You will find all the AVI files are displayed on the file list of main interface.



Second, choose right output format for your AVI videos.


Video Converter supports many video formats for output, if you are not sure which format and settings suit iPhone 4S, you just need to click the format bar and find the iPhone option. Then check the iPhone 4 MPEG-4 (*.mp4) from iPhone option.



Third, start the conversion and wait for the converted files.


After that, you need to click the convert button and wait for several minutes, the conversion from AVI to iPhone 4S mp4 will finished soon. Then, you can transport the videos to iPhone 4S for smoothly playing without any problem.

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