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How to use iMovie on the iPhone 5?

In this guide, we show you how to edit videos using iMovie on the new iPhone 5. If you have used any video editing program on a computer in the past, the procedure should be quite intuitive and straightforward. But after a short while, the simple menu options and touchscreen interface should make easy for newbies, too. The following contents give you a rundown of some essential functions.


Basic steps to use iMovie on iPhone 5
 Open up iMovie and either choose an existing video from your iPhone or record a new video by tapping the record button.
 Once you have the video imported into iMovie, the clips for each project will appear at the bottom of the screen, whether in landscape or portrait mode.
 To trim clips, you can just drag your finger to control the pins on either side of the clip.
 To zoom into the timeline, pinch your fingers together. To zoom out, pinch fingers apart.
 If you want to quickly scroll through your video, slide your finger faster along the timeline.
 To give your movie a theme, head to the themes sub menu and tap one of them to choose it.


Add some production
Now that your movie is shaping up, you can add transition effects between video sequences, choose some default music and add a title to your movie by double-tapping the text on the title page and typing in your own words. Also, remember your videos and photos are geo-tagged, so you'll see a pushpin on a map of where the pictures were shot.
 Adding transitions to your iMovie masterpiece
There are a whole load of transitions you can apply to your iMovie project, that all appear in the transitions sub menu. They include cross dissolve and theme transitions.
1. Select the transitions menu and then choose a transition.
2. Change the duration of the transition by selecting a duration.
 Adding photos to your iMovie project
1. Select your iMovie library where all of your videos, photos and music is stored.
2. Tap on the photos tab
3. Select the photo album
4. Select the photo and drag it to where you want the photo to appear in your timeline
 Adding music to your iMovie project
1. Select the iMovie library
2. Tap on the music tab
3. Your iTunes music as well as pre installed music will appear
4. Choose a track and it will be added to your movie. You can also trim the clip as you would with video to fit it where you want to
 Adding a title to an iMovie project
1. Double tap on the clip
2. Select Title Style
3. Select which of the titles you'd like to implement
4. Type in the title using the keyboard
5. The geo-location will also be added, taking the information from where the video was recorded


This is the last step. When you like what you see, export it, which begins the rendering process, this could take a few minutes. Pick the quality you want: low for emailing, medium for uploading to YouTube or 720p HD for synching with your Mac or PC. Remember, half the fun of creating a video is sharing it with people who matter to you. 

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