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Copy/Transfer Blu-ray to Xtreamer Pro with TrueHD/DTS-HD 7.1 audio

The Xtreamer Pro 1080p HD player promises to let you experience the full potential of audio usually found in Blu-ray Disc by delivering audio that is identical to the master recording, making the device a top choice for playing Full-HD 1080p Blu-ray contents with up to 7.1 audio channels. But before having Xtreamer Pro play or stream Blu-ray movie you have to rip protected Blu-ray video streams off discs. The following guide aims to share with you an easy way for hacking and transferring Blu-ray collections to Xtreamer Pro without quality degradation.

Required Tools for Blu-ray copying


How to transfer Blu-ray collections to Xtreamer Pro

In the first place, connect/Install Blu-ray Disc Drive to computer and insert a Blu-ray Disc. You’ll also need to download a Blu-ray Ripper app that works with copy-protected movies. Mostly I use the Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper to transfer my blu-ray collection to my Xtreamer Pro using the directly copy function. Here’s what I do:



Refer to steps below for copying Blu-ray streams to hard drive.

1. Import movie from BD drive by clicking the “Load Disc” icon.

2. Switch to “File Mode”.

3. Check the .m2ts files I want to copy. Normally I only need the longest .m2ts clip which contains the main movie.

4. Follow Format bar and choose “Copy>>Directly Copy”.

5. Click “Convert” button.


In this way Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper will copy selected m2ts streams to HDD without changing anything. This means TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio would be retained and I will be able to have Xtreamer Pro pass-through 7.1 audio to speakers. 7.1 audio pass-through is a best feature of Xtreamer Pro.


It takes 1-2 hours to copy a Blu-ray to HDD a depending on data reading speed of the HDD and source disc. There’s another useful feature called “Full Disc Copy” that copies whole Blu-ray structure to HDD. Good for those who wanna keep menus and extras as it includes everything in the exported BDMV folder. But it also takes some extra space.

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