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Transcode Sony FDR-AXP33 XAVC S MP4 to ProRes MOV for FCP X

Sony FDR-AXP33 has veiled to the word in 2015 not very long time ago. The hot topic about this camera has already started. Take a closer look on this new 4K camera, you will see it approximately 30% smaller and 20% lighter than current 4K camcorder. So after editing in FCP X, it would be wonderful to enjoy the 4K recordings there.

The shooting codec it used is XAVC S, contained in MP4. With this efficient XAVC S codec for sparkling 4K footage, which will make the store so convenient. Quality-conscious videographers can record at the extra-high bit rate of 100Mbps. 4K footage looks clearer and sharper. But with such gorgeous 4K camera, how to deal with the raw XAVC S 4K videos? On Mac platform, FCP is a powerful editing software that almost can handle all the videos. But if you want to load AXP33 XAVC 4K MP4 into FCP X, it may stop you from moving forward. How to smoothly ingest XAVC 4K MP4 to transfer into FCP X may be a headache problem for many videographers.


No need to worry about the AXP33 XAVC S 4K loading FCP X problem. Just go for this Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac and all your XAVC S 4K videos will work with FCP X beautifully. Some simple steps , then you can turn your XAVC S 4K videos into ProRes for FCP X, which will maintain the best quality of the 4K videos while render in FCP X quickly.


Detailed Guide: Turn AXP33 XAVC S 4K into ProRes MOV for FCP X on Mac Yosemite

Step 1.Install this AXP33 XAVC S 4K Converter on your Mac

This Mac version can compatible with Yosemite system without any problems. After installation, launch this trail version on your Mac, then load your XAVC 4K MP4 from AXP33 by clicking "File">"Add Video/Audio".

If you have all your files under one folder, you can click "Add from folder" to speed up the uploading step. Or drag-and-drop videos into this UI can also be a convenient step to load files.


Step 2. Choose ProRes 422 mov for XAVC S 4K to load into FCP X

After loading those videos, you can double click the videos to have a preview inthe preview window.

The most suitable format for FCP 6/7/X is ProRes codec, even your files are not this codec but still when you load your files like MP4/MOV/AVI encode by other codec, the FCP will trancode those codec into ProRes on the backstage of this program. In order to speed up the loading progress and save the render time. You can select"Final Cut Pro">"Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov) " as your output format.



If you don't care about the generated file size and you have enough faith on your Mac processor, you can totally go for Apple ProRes 422 HQ (*.MOV) or even higher.(Differences among Apple ProRes codecs)

Step 3. Adjust Bit rate, Frame rate if you need

You can click "Settings" to adjust your parameters if you need. But if you do want to keep the original quality of the videos, you can just leave the default settings or choose "original".



For maintain the 4K (3840*2160), you can type this in the following box by yourself. The detailed information about the converted file will show in this "Task Information" tablet.

Step 4. Doing some simple edits for creating your very own videos

Before the conversion, you can do some simple edits if you need, just click the "Pencil" icon to go to this UI.

Trim, cop the part you don't need, add subtitles and watermark for fun, adjust aspect ratio if you will playback them on media player, change "Interlaced" into "Progressive" under "Advanced Mode",etc


Step 5. Start to convert XAVC S 4K into ProRes MOV

After setting the file location, click the "Convert" to start to convert AXP33 XAVC S 4K into ProRes 422 MOV as you want.

For other hot 4K camera, Sony FDR-AX100 will also attract much attention, how to playback XAVC S 4K videos on 4K TV then you can check this detailed guide.

About transferring videos into FCP X will be very helpful for newbie.

Another codec similar with XAVC S , also used for 4K is XAVC, you can learn how to import XAVC into FPC X here.

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